Saturday, July 29, 2006

What is love?

It is hard for me to say that love does not exist. Even though I explain away my impulses as nothing more than my biological need to spread my seed my selfish gene constantly trying to win at the game theory that it is solving. I know that attraction exists to further the species that the spark that I feel when two eyes connect across a room is nothing more then a biological response to the environment. A wave of electrons working in unison, but that doesn’t have to mean that it doesn’t feel good right? The truth is although school has given me some analytical tools to explain what is happening it hasn’t diminished my desire for the feeling. I want to believe in love. A euphoric crossroads of pleasure, trust, safety, commitment, evolution and nurturing. The feeling of waking up next to somebody a million times and never tiring of the little puddle of drool on their pillow that only you get to see. Someone who makes the routine dance of your life special. The feeling of running a race that is so long and you are so tired you have tears streaming down your face. There is no energy left in you, the cheering crowd is gone, despair has filled your heart as you see an ominous hill on the horizon. You just want to stop the pain and shut it out, your will is faltering, then that hand touches yours and she whispers into your ear, “you can do it.”

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Top Ten Reasons I go to Tailgate

1.) Two for Ones sucker 4-6 and 10-12

2.) Onion rings at midnight are so fricking good...the food is actually good...for a bar

3.) I can walk home

4.) You never get cut off....just drink, puke, repeat

5.) 30 cent wing night

6.) Kelly:) Emily and Pookey are the juice

7.) I can go there by myself and I know there will be people there that I know....Lynn, Pat Chad this is you

8.) Johnny Cash on the Jukebox

9.) For some reason smoking on the back patio feels like a little private club

10.) I know that if I go long enough I am going to see Russ use some sort of secret ninja move to kill someone

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ode to Dairy

You vile bitch.
I love that you turn my ass into
A chocolate slushy machine.
My Stomach into sulfur filled bagpipes.
My throat into a reverse pipeline
For your sour chunky goodness.
Pizza, Ice cream
Liquid poop stream.
Oh, I love you
You vile bitch.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hats for Sale

My sword pierces flesh
In apathetic fever
Future sacrificed by my own vile hand
Happiness casualties
Wounded by words not yet spoken
Light is in two places at once
Like my love
My bitterness
My anger and indifference
Despair doesn't even scratch the surface
A stone grows in my heart
Like a medicine ball impaled in my chest
Sand pours in week after week
Until it is so heavy
Walking only comes with great effort
Strapped to a deck of a rusted boat
Unable to fight this current
Unable to go back
Drifting me to sea
I watch my dreams disappear
Like the sun slowly sinking on the horizon
possibility snuffed out like candles on your birthday cake
Blown out by someone else
And all you can do is smile
Cause it is picture time
After all it is not their fault
You invited them

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sight Unseen

I can’t stop thinking about this and I don’t know if it is because I am not smart enough to understand it or I am that big of a geek….

Basically you split an atom and separate the halves and if you change the electrons in one half the other half will change too regardless of the distance between the two halves…

Maybe the force is real? I am going to start a Jedi training camp as soon as I become smart enough to figure this out…..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Courage - Creativity – Plug – L Cottrell Design

One of the qualities that I admire most in people is courage. Specifically courage to follow ones dreams. Something about a person willingness to risk everything in order to recreate the world with their own special touch, leaves me inspired and in awe. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people like this. You inspire me to be a better person. To take chances. To chase dreams. I am going to feature these people on a regular basis here and hopefully we can all help inspire each other grow and reach potential.

The other quality that I hold on a pedestal is creativity. Can you bring it? Think about the world with a fresh set of eyes and shape it.

Enter L. Cottrell An embodiment of both – You guys have to check out this girls designs. If you are looking for something for that special girl, your mom or yourself…it seriously is not jewelry it is art. This girl is off the hook. Original, Custom, Unique. She is getting her website set up with pictures and orders check it out and check back often as she is constantly updating with new designs… I will include a link to her site on the side for future reference… check it out and pass it on

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Zero Gravity

Ready for a little mind fuck? Gravity doesn’t exist. Every object around you is doubling in size every second. You don’t notice it because you can only perceive size with your eyes based on objects next to it. You don’t notice the expansion any more than you notice we are rotating through space at millions of miles an hour or that your cells and molecules are rotating and dying within your body. All of our scientific instruments are based on perception so they are unable to detect the change. If the ruler grows in proportion to the item it measures they will always be the same hence we can’t tell that everything is doubling in size every second. When you jump it is not gravity that returns you to the earth but the fact that the earth doubles in size until it reaches your feet. You are actually a billion feet tall but you don’t know it because everything around you is doubling at the same time. This is why the universe is expanding it is doubling every second too. Molecules atoms elements expanding constantly. Gravity is not real. Once you chance your perspective you alter what is possible.

What about planes….planes don’t defy gravity the defy atmospheric pressure by creating lift.

Rotation? Magnetism

Any questions?

Summer Flare

What I am reading this summer

1.) Of Love and Other Demons - Marquez

2.) Ironweed – Kennedy

3.) The Pearl – Steinbeck

4.) East is East – Boyle

5.) The Quiet American – Greene

6.) Joel on Software – Stolsky

7.) Reclaiming the Fire – Berglas

8.) The OZ Principal - Connors, Smith and Hickman

9.) The Purple Cow – Sodin

10.) Letters from Earth – Twain

11.) The Handbook of Mortgage Securities

What I have been listening to

1.) Panic at the Disco

2.) Jack Johnson

3.) Amos Lee

4.) Rascal Flatts

5.) Yo-Yo Ma

6.) T.I

7.) Snow Patrol

8.) MPR

9.) The Twins

10.)Three Days Grace

What I have been watching….

Nothing really since I don’t have a TV anymore

But I have been watching the World Cup at the bar and seen the last two episodes of Entourage

Monday, July 03, 2006

You can call me Al

You can tell where people know me from by what they call me…. Here is a key

If you here me referred to as BJ Chances are we went to kindergarten -6 grade together and you knew how much I hated being referred to as a term synonymous with blow job and so you called me this obviously…

If you hear me referred to as “Slim” – We went to high school together or you know me through someone I went to high school with. I used to be tall and skinny so it is kind of self explanatory.

If you hear me referred to as “Biz” or “Bizzzio” we worked at RFC together or you know me through someone at RFC. Term is a blend of my gangster persona and the term can’t right now I am “Busy yo”…..lately it is mostly just biz

Ryan or Rye – We went to Brown or KRS together. My name was misspelled and I just never bothered to correct it or anyone so to this day there is a large chuck of people I run into who think my name is Ryan

Prop – We went to normandale together and you are a punk making fun of my business attire, my intellectual prowess and old age by shortening the term professor…lol I still love you anyway

Brian (<- With the squiggly over the n, Dawn I forgot how to do that?) You are a part of the chinga tu madre clan or grandfathered in because of blogging and I love youJ

Bri Rye Try – I know you through Cee Cee

Iror Raw the VII – You were there for my first blog when this is the name that used to publish under it is an anagram for the 7th Warrior (Also a play a error raw, or the rawest error) most people call me Iron or Raw form whom this is how I met

Bri – Could know you from anywhere this is just what most people shorten my name to

Then there is just Brian

Also not mentioned here are the terms of endearment between tight friends that include Jackass, Fucker, Dill Hole, Pudge, Dot, Suggaa..and UB