Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Brian Johnson Project Status Update : Green

The February 28 for 120

1.) Do Taxes.
2.) Bring Tire to the Dump.
3.) Books to Half Price.
4.) Swedish Institute.
5.) Beer Sampler at Black Forest Inn.
6.) Fence Estimates.
7.) Pay off cock suckers at Capital One.
8.) Get new tires.
9.) Fix Rear Wiper Blade.
10.) Install New Motor\Compressor for Fridge.
11.) Call City to Fix Lid on Garbage Can.
12.) Turn in Graduation Application.
13.) Move and Vacuum under all the furniture in the Living Room.
14.) Move and Vacuum under all the furniture in the Upstairs.
15.) Lysol all the door handles and knobs in the house.
16.) Pledge all of the wood work and furniture in the house.
17.) Get ticket for AZ in April.
18.) Flip Mattresses.
19.) Register for Classes.
20.) Fill Washer Fluid.
21.) Clean out Fireplace.
22.) Clean out Front Closet.
23.) Clean out main drawers.
24.) Install new belt on the Vacuum.
25.) Wash all the pillows\blankets on the couches.
26.) New Batteries in all of the smoke detectors.
27.) Set up\ Prep for Trips to Milwaukee and the Dells.
28.) Replace furnance filter.

Progress: So far this year....(We are roughly 16% into this year) Brian Johnson Project Status: Green

Books read: 10 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 20%
Movies Watched: 12 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 24%
Debt Paid Off : $3,312.00 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 33%
New Reasterant and Bars Tried: 8 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 33%
Classes \ Credits Completed 1 Class for 5 Credits - Percent Complete of Year Goal 25%
Working Out - Done 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.


Rocketstar said...

Turn in Graduation Application.

How close are you getting? This is for the BA, correct?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

You're awesome!!

Anonymous said...

WTF? You will be in AZ in April also? We're going Apr 8-11, though we will likely be in the mountains somewhere horseback riding through the desert..