Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Love and Hate

Ten Things I Hate

1.)People who brake before they flip on their turn signal! Also people who break for no reason other then they are stupid and don’t know how to drive

2.)Talking during movies – Watching a movie is not an interactive process, don’t turn it into one please shut the fuck up

3.)Birds (most of them) And it not just the fact that the like to poop on my car. I was reading a report on Avian Flu in my backyard and there was this blackbird watching me and I suddenly became very uncomfortable with birds…on a side note I now sit on my swing with a bb gun.

4.)That the liquor store is closed on Sunday

5.)People who leave their music on loud when they are at the gas station. Almost every fight I have been in during the last three years has been while I have been getting gas and asked people to turn their radios down

6.)When I have a really good idea, dream, story or poem in my head and I forget to write it down and then I forget about it.

7.)I hate when I don’t have the time and resources to do everything and see everybody that I would like to.

8.)When I go for long periods without alone time…I am just one of those people that needs a weekend or two now and then to drop off them map and just be alone INTJ for those familiar with Myers Briggs…if don’t get time to be alone and rest, read, relax, think .etc..I just get crabby and people who don’t understand this about me usually are not in my life for long

9.)I hate the fact that my life feels in limbo right now

10.)I hate the fact that I let little insignificant things like those on this list bother me

Ten Things I Love

1.)Being tired and crawling into a newly made bed with fresh crisp sheets on it, fan blowing and no distractions

2.)I love the sound and look of a woman walking in high heels

3.)I love back rubs and head rubs. Something about a woman’s nails being dragged across your back and scalp that has to be one of the sexiest feelings alive

4.)I having drinks with my friends whether it is at the bar or someone’s house nothing brings joy to my life like having a cocktail and talking for hours about absolutely nothing

5.)I love sitting my back yard on the swing and being completely lost in a good book or contemplating a essay or problem from school or work. I love school!

6.)I love watching old monty python skits until I am laughing so hard that I am ready to piss myself

7.)I love to write and I write for me, but I love comments on my blog and getting emails and IMs about stuff that I do…call me a narcissistic fuck but do it in a loving way because I love the validation and debate that is brought out by those people that I know

8.)I love buying presents and doing things for people. I know it is selfish but I just love to see people happy and it feels good when you are the one that made them feel like that

9.)I live sitting out in the middle of nowhere and looking up at the stars

10.) I love traveling to someplace I have never been before. Something about the new experience refreshes and energizes me like nothing else….I love how it makes me see the world in a different light


Rachel said...

"I live sitting out in the middle of nowhere and looking up at the stars"

(thinking you meant to say love there) That's one of the things that I really miss now that I don't live in BFE anymore. That and the wide open spaces.

dawnmarie said...

re: monty python. I've only ever seen one movie, once, but I have spamalot tickets for next summer.

and I'm also INTJ. totally feel you dude.

theresa said...

dawn, sometime when I come up I'll bring the holy grail and the meaning of life. it'll be a good time.

I agree with hates 2*, 7 & 8 and loves 1, 3, 4, 9 & 10. good lists.

*This is one of my biggest pet peeves. It drives me insane. Especially when people think they need to prove that they have the script memorized so they talk along with the whole movie.

Megsta said...

hmmm crisp sheets huh? you like to iron them with starch? also a little warning about being selfishly giving... beware of the greedy mongrels

Rocketstar said...

good lists...

Jess said...

The only thing better than clean sheets are sheets that were dried outside on a clothesline. Oh dear, sweet Jeebus. There is little better than that.

Todd and Amy said...

I'm an INFJ, no wonder I love you.

lauren said...

I agree with everything on both lists. Re: #5 on the hate list, I hate it when my upstairs neighbors blast their stereo, no matter what time in the night or morning (8:30 am for Chrissake). Like you have to prove you have a bumpin' system with surround sound?

On your love list, I'd add having someone run their finger along the bridge of your nose, between your eyebrows and along your eyebrows to your temples. HEAVENLY!

I've missed you during my mini-sabbatical, Bri!

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