Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sexually Liberated or Dirty Whore?

Friend One: "If you are such a fan of sexual liberation how can you call her a cunty dirty whore? What is the difference between a whore and a sexually empowered woman?"

Here is my answer:

It has nothing to do with numbers or looks. It is about understanding the value of yourself.

One of them knows the cost of what they give. The value of the item is traded between two people who understand its cost and rewards. Sexual liberation is willful. It is personally intentional. It is done with your eyes open aware of the cost and risks and pleasures. It is done on your own terms with willing participants. It is brutally honest.

Whores do not do know the value of that which they trade. One cent or a billion dollars. They are at the mercy of other peoples will. Their own desire and passions spit on in an open market place. What they have is taken and never traded for. It is gained through passive self deception.

I know this because in my life I have been a whore and have learned to understand my value in the market place. That learning damaged a lot of lives my own included but I would not trade anything for the way I feel right now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Top Chef - Tuna Helper Chocolate Milk Substitute (Final)

I learned a simple lesson last night when you have been drinking and you are hungry and out of milk DO NOT try to substitute Hersey's white chocolate milk for regular milk in your tuna helper recipe.

I know it is white and looks a lot like regular milk but mixed with Tuna and slightly burned it seems to leave a scent that will forever linger in your wall paper and nostrils creating a kind of permanent scratch and sniff card in your house that would come in handy if you needed to induce vomiting in the case of an acute poisoning.

Acute poisoning ironically caused by eating tuna helper mixed with chocolate milk.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Recap - It's a Wisconsin Thing


Drove to Madison WI

Dinner on the Westside @ Claddagh's Irish Pub for a friends birthday.

Then down to Capital Square for Drinks @ Madisons and Pool at the Great Dane. The only place left for a 30 year old to go in downtown.


Lunch @ Quaker Steak and Lube

Read The Omnivores Dilemma by Dilemma by Michael Pollan
Worth the time to check it out. Ethanol is Bullshit, Your diet is %50 percent corn and the health of the world depends on grass.

Watched Juno. I liked it.

Drove to Wautoma Wisconsin.

Cocktails with a great group of people.


Up at dawn.

Carted 50 wheelbarrow loads of singles as I helped some friends do a roof tear off.

Drove back to Minneapolis

Sunday Dinner - Beef tenderloin on the grill, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, garlic bread. Topic of the night unfinished diamond engagement rings.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Giant Bobbing Boobies and Quiet Jogging Trails

There is this woman who happens to jog along the busy through-way that I take to work every morning. You can't help to notice her for the reason that this tittle implies. Out there every morning in nice weather same time. What I notice most is the scowl that she wears on her face as she is obviously not happy about the attention she is getting.

But then why dress skimpy and jog on a busy street?

Well I had the chance to ask her.

Sitting at Tailgate last night I was trying to think where I knew the girl sitting next to me from....

Yes, they were one and the same. After talking for the good part of the night I asked her about her jogging location preference and was as a guy a little shocked at the answer because it is something that escapes my mental conditioning.

"I don't jog around the lake in the morning because it is too quiet and I have had some scary encounters with strange men slowly following me in vans and hanging out in remote places, so if I want to jog outside in the morning I do it where it is busy and everyone can see me for safety reasons."

I guess as a guy I never really think about my safety so it kind of took me back.

Here I would have thought it was for attention but she showed me an entire different view point.

Must suck to have giant bobbing boobies and not be able to use the quiet jogging trails in the morning.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grills, Teeth, Confidence Indicators and New Friends

I wonder if there is anyone who is so confident that they actually go the other way and create an invisaline to mess their teeth up. Maybe gaps or cultivated buck teeth will be the new trends in the body modification movement. Rusty Crusty Jagged Grills.

I work with a man who is forty years old who just got metal braces...I didn't even know they still made those?? I am all for improving yourself but I just can not take him seriously. He looks ridiculous.

After a few comments like..

"Can someone give me input who doesn't look like a 13 year old with metal braces"


"Who designed your grill? Is that a Nelly original?"

I realized that he is supremely confident in himself, marches to his own drum, is taking the action to improve himself, doesn't care what other people think and was extremely witty with his come backs. Everything I admire in a person. I took him out after work and bought him and his braces a drink.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plug for Modern Drunkard

If your bored at work today and looking for a little additional reading here are two of my favorite posts from Modern Drunkard.

Bar Vocabulary

10 Best Things About Booze

Why Do We Hold Hands?

I am guessing that it is a sign of possession and control in public. I mean you don't hold hands when you are at home and no one is around do you?

A way to say we are together when you have bad breath and kissing is just out of the question. A way to pull someone along in life usually a sign that there is control issues in the walkway of the relationship. The don't walk sign visible to everyone but you. But sometimes don't we just hold hands cause we like to? Cause you want to show off the human piece of jewelry on the end of your arm?

I used to be a hand holder until I realized why I was doing it. (Mostly to show the outside world we are together either in a feeling insecure way or a bragging look what I way)

Now when people try I sweat and pull away and people say I have commitment issues...

Yet by not holding hands now I feel more secure and deeper in relationships in a healther way for better reasons...weird huh?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which Genre Am I?

My life is a tragedy really the only doubt I have is what exactly my tragic flaw, moral weakness or inability is.

1: A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.

I wish it was a comedy.

1: A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.

I wish I would stop making it a travesty

1: An exaggerated or grotesque imitation, such as a parody of a literary work
2:A debased or grotesque likeness: a travesty of justice.

And just be happy with me....

Therefore, I think I am going to create my own genre.

I am going to call it Self Reflected Realism it is part porn, part tragedy, part comedy, I am going to leave the imitation and drama to others who do it better.

I am excited not only for the happy ending of this one but also the multiple climaxes.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Six Words Long

Got this more then interesting tag from my girl EC today....

Write your memoir in just six words...


I love me, I love not.

Kind of an enigma but I dig it.

Anyone else up for that? I would love to tag a few of you for sure but I will leave to your leisure...

This Weekends Roll Call

Friday -

Watched 300 and Walk Hard - 300 was OK, Walk Hard was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


School - Yuck

Painted Last Coat in Guest Room

Finished Timothy Ferriss's The Four Hour Work Week - I liked several parts of this but it was nothing new and already a philosophy and way of life that I live. I did like that he put some words and frame work around how we talk about it.

Watched Ratatouille - I am really hating to admit this but I really enjoyed this movie.

Saturday night

Pre-Dinner drink @ Lyons Pub - Watched Rest of Twins Game

Dinner Murray's - Yum all I have to say

After Dinner Drinks @ Ike's

Night Cap aka Black the Fuck out @ Tailgate


Up surprisingly early.

Cleaned the inside of my car out.

Re-mortared bricks on the front steps.

Installed new security lights in the back yard.

Watched Casino Royale. I hate to admit it but I liked this one too.

Cooked Sunday Dinner(Broke out the grill) - Lemon basmati rice, beef and chicken kabobs, brats,yum.

Had some friends over for dinner, drinks and Rock of Love Reunion show

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bizzouflage - Vetting

For those of you who are not familiar with Bizzouflage here is a brief overview.

Bizzouflage is a way to camouflage your words into business lingo so you can have more free time, look smart and productive and have less work to do. (It is also a play on my alter ego, Bizzio Von Bittensnatch)

Today's Example: Vet or Vetting or Vetted (I have included the definition below)

Here is how to use this: In a meeting where work has been asked of you ask this question...."Has this been vetted with ______ (Insert the name of someone who has a marginal interest in the project who you know has not been consulted)?" "Because they seem like they have a vested interest"

- You will get praised for the use of Vet because it shows you are up on your management reading and lingo

- You will get a bonus because it shows you have a holistic view of the company

- You will have to do less work because you are creating more for others.


vet 1

v. vet·ted, vet·ting, vets

v. tr.

To subject to veterinary evaluation, examination, medication, or surgery.
To subject to thorough examination or evaluation: vet a manuscript.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Denver Love Part Two

Top of Seven Falls in Colorado Springs


Minnesota Sign Middle of Royal Gorge Canon Colorado

Coors Field Down Town Denver

Train Station Downtown Denver

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Argument from Marginal Cases - MYTH

One of the corner stones of Vegetarian philosophy is the Argument from Marginal Cases(AMC) that goes something like this -

There are humans such as infants, the severely retarded, the insane, the demented, people with Alzheimer's ect. whose mental function does not rise to the level of a chimpanzee. Even though people in these groups can not reciprocate our moral attentions such as obeying the golden rule etc we include them in our circle of moral consideration. So on what basis do we exclude the chimp?

If you grant that this premise is true then it applies to all animals...

Here is where it does not stand-up I exclude the chimp because he is a chimp! If we look at the argument from marginal cases(AMC) in a point by point basis we can see it just doesn't hold up.

1.) An infant. Would we say you should castrate that infant because he can not get an erection? We don't do this because life is not static, the infant has the potential for reason in a way that no chimp or animal ever will.

2.) People with dementia or Alzheimer's. We include them because they at one time did have these abilities and as a species we realize that we all evolve towards some degree of dementia.

3.) The retarded. We include because we play game theory and retardation could have randomly happened to anyone of us. A chimp is not as randomly going to give birth to a human.

I hate the AMC because it takes a static view and argues from a specific point in time without taking the past and future into consideration.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Denver Love Part One

Hell yeah started out the trip right with a trip to Golden to the Coors Brewery Tour. It was worth it if you ever get the chance to do it and its free and they give you 3 free beers before they turn you loose on the freeway back to

Yes I am repersenting Tailgate!!

Legends in Aurora where my sister bartends for some high altitude drinking practice. Got to see Rocketstar here too:) It was good to see you brother:) (I got a picture of the two of us but it is not the greatest I will send it on and you can tell me if you mind putting it up)

Met up with B-Dogg and Her, Me and Miss Brian in Minneapolis did the Mile High Pub Crawl. 10 Total Bars in Downtown Denver. It was a blast:)

B-Dogg introduced me to some new friends along the way....

Homeland Security Warnings

As I was running through the airport. I kept hearing a recorded message stating that the Homeland Security Warning has been raised to Orange or Elevated. When I asked the TSA what has happened to raise the level to Orange he said he didn't know it has been Orange ever since he started working there 3 years ago!!

So one it has not been raised to orange it IS orange.

Two repeated tactics like this to scare people will have the opposite effect in a real emergency. If I sounded a tornado warning through the entire season people would stop paying attention to it. It would become meaningless.

Then after one hit we would have some expert and some government official on the TV talking about people were given warning. Like it is the peoples fault that they stopped believing the threat was real.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Minnesota Modest and Something About Toliet Placement

For most of my life I have thought that with the exception of the American outhouse, toilets had to be placed perpendicular to the door of the bathroom to avoid having a door open and seeing between the legs of a woman relieving herself.

This is not true! This myth was busted after I walked into 4 different unisex\home bathrooms this weekend and the toilet was facing the door sitting there mocking me with the seat up....

Maybe my is experience with Minnesota bathrooms that taints this for me? Maybe we are modest defecate-ers....

Anyone got a match or a Yankee Candle?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Growing Trend of Violence?

I hate it when the new tries to scare people with statements like this, "It is an alarming trend of rising violence."

To put things in perspective we used to fight with saber-tooth tigers for dinner.

Bludended each other with hand axes and then kidnapped and raped the survivors of villages.
Does anyone remember slavery? That was probably an alarming trend of rising violence for Africans.
The inquisition?
Witch hunts?
Sacking of Rome?
China at the hands of the Japaneses?
Any world war?
The whole sale slaughter of the American Indians?
Pick an African Country?

I wonder what Fox News is using as their starting point to determine that the level of violence is on an alarming upward trend? From a historical point of view it seems to be quite the opposite...or at least par for course for a violent species.

That is unless you are an Iraqi civilian or get your news from Fox 9.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Off To a Good Start

I picked up a few books to read this weekend on my trek out to Denver. The first one I cracked open to page 33 and it says,

"Lets define laziness - to endure a non-ideal existence, to let circumstance or others decide life for you, or to amass a fortune while passing through life like a spectator from an office window. The size of your bank account doesn't change this, nor does the hours you log in handling unimportant e-mail or minutiae."

-Tim Ferriss

It is all I have read so far but it is obvious the author is a man after my own heart. I will tell you how the rest is when I get back

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Suffering to the Top

I can't help but think of shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Addition as game shows where who ever can show that they are suffering the most wins.

People cry. Sears sells fridges. Ford to the rescue. Disney is a wonderland. Can I get a close-up of that lady crying? More tears please, cut. Can you try sobbing more like this. That's it. Ok Ty its a wrap.

Why do we cry when we watch this?

1.) We think everybody deserves a house that can be featured on better home and garden? - Do they? What if they just gave away plain houses? Ones that were safe and well build and warm? Without all the decor...would you still watch? Would it be less of a gift?

2.) We want our own suffering recognized with a prize?

3.) It makes us feel like we helped someone without ever getting off the couch?

I have also heard it makes me feel good that the human spirit of helping each other is still is the only altruistic show on TV.

Do you think Sears's, FORD, Building Crews, Disney etc. would still do the show if there was no product placement?

They are using the suffering of a family to show how their products can make you feel better. But hey there is a house in it for you if you are a single mom who has at least one autistic child who's husband is over seas or dying...

God Bless Everyone No Exceptions

Just a little FYI I know this bumper sticker is supposed to bring people together under a blanket of love and faith. But guess what 20% of the people are excluded from this statement it is a statement of separation between you and me. It's very words seperate people who believe in God and those who don't.

It does not have the intended consequences, please try again.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Something Funny About Those TV Spots

Anyone else think it is weird how many commericals are currently on TV for oil companies? They are just PR spots. They make no mention of the actual product they sell or where you can get. Just huge PR Campaigns before the elections. Public smoothing as oil prices rise to record levels.

Oil prices effect oil based products....plastics, paint, ink, transportation not to mention everything that is transposrted.

Just watch how many you see...there is just something creepy about it about it.

Feel good commercials for oil companies...why?

This Years Death Pool

FYI- My list for this years death pool.

1. Fidel Castro - 1 pts
2. Britney Spears - 5pts
3. Lindsay Lohan - 8 pts
4. Amy Winehouse - 5pts
5. Larry King - 8pts
6. Hugh Hefner - 3pts
7. Wilford Brimley - 1pts
8. Tom Brokaw - 5pts
9. Queen Elizabeth the Second -3pts
10. Dick Clark -2 pts

42 Total Points Possible

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Debt to Our Nation and Our Job as Citizens

Where Does The Money Go? Your Guided Tour Through the Federal Budget Crisis, by Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson.

It is targeted at a layman audience and is the best book I have read to date on the financial state of our nation.

This is a book that everyone needs to read for the following reasons.

1.) If you are under 40 you are going to get fucked in your life time. Baby boomers are going to keep things the way they are and you are going to see another 15-30% of your income sucked away to cover for them while we see services cut and programs terminated

2.) You can make a difference not just in the voting way. You hear everyone say my vote counts for so little but if you look at it from another way only 1% of American people give money to a campaign and 2-3% get involved in campaign going to rallies etc. by taking a few small steps you can be in a candidates inner circle and ask and communicate these issues to them.

3.) You can become more bi-partisan in your thought. Bi-partisanship is the only thing that is going to save this country. It gives all politicians a pass to push through legislation that might not be popular but is in the best interest of the nation. If both party's do it both their necks are on the line and they can't point fingers come next election time.

I would encourage everyone I know to read it...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Friday Night

- Tailgate, Jun Bo, Black-out

Saturday -

Watched: Atonement - Not really my kind of movie but I actually really liked it. The end was a nice twist and a perfect balance of fairy tail crushing. Although through the whole movie I wanted to feed the main actress.

Read: Where Does the Money Go? I loved it so much this might be a separate post just for tomorrow.

Ate @ Micheals, Went down to the Refuge and Bar 508 to meet some friends for drinks.


Watched Into the Wild - While watching the movie I fought violently not to turn it off but after I saw it and had a chance to digest it I decided that I liked it.

Prepared Sunday Dinner - Chicken, Capers, Butter, Garlic, Lemon, Pasta, Bread, Wine

My Post Secret #7892

I am afraid if I stop drinking people won't like me or I will find out I don't like myself.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Play on Player Tip #254123

Increasing Pull Through Rate and Call Back Numbers.

A tip for all of my players. Now that I am retired I feel like I can share my secrets. Next time you are in a cab ask for business cards or ask at restaurants or hotels downtown. (Hotels are the best place to get these in bulk) Say you are new in town or you liked them so much that you want to share their company with all your friends.

Write your number on the back of the cab company's business card when you are giving it out to the ladies.

1.) You look responsible having a cab number. Bonus points. It also shows you know how to plan ahead...

2.) It will have less of a chance of getting thrown away vs. writing on a napkin or receipt or something that gets crumpled in your pocket and looks like trash by the end of the night.

3.) The cab company adds value to your transaction she is getting more then your number she is getting a possible safe ride home later. Ie. she is going to put in in a safe place...her wallet.

4.) It looks less contrived then handing out your own business card.

5.) It opens up a variety of cheesy lines like, "Call the front side for a safe ride and the back for a wild one" Throw in a wink and your cheesy cornball ass is gold.
Think of all the plays on words around Rides, Good Times, Meeting up at the end of the night for the number to the cab, spliting a cab, etc. I am not going to give them all away.

(Don't pull a wad of them out in front of the girl you are giving them too. Keep one in each back pocket and one in your wallet. If you give out more then three numbers a night at a single place you have no game and you sour the venue as girl A sees what you are doing to girl B etc..

Do not bring your own pen ask the girl to use one or the bar tender. Guys who have their own pens and business cards at the bar are bad if it is not happy hour you just look creepy.)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Race Relations and Something About Berries and Juice

"The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice"

I just don't get it?

Shouldn't it be, "the riper the berry the sweeter the juice"?

What does color have to do with it? Would you eat a black strawberry? Even if I told you it is sweeter or juicer? Or a black blueberry? Raspberry? cranberry?
No cause usually when they are black they are rotten with the beginning of green fuzz growing on them cause they rolled behind the fridge.
Now for a ripe black berry the statement might be true, but the statement refuses to qualify the type of berry making it a generalization and a stereotype as berries come in lots of different colors, sizes, juices and shapes.

If we apply the logic the riper the berry the sweeter the juice then whoever is the ripest or the most extreme of a racial stereotype then becomes the sexist person? What? The albino love machine?

I am not even sure what the statement is supposed to mean in the first place anyway.

I am convinced it is just another one of those stupid things people say and have no idea what they are saying?

When statements start with, "You know what they say_______" Everything that follows tends to be bullshit.

Can anyone explain this one to me?

I would consider myself an equal opportunity omnivore. I eat ripe fruit for its sweet juice regardless of the color and believe me I have had some juicers and some sweet ones and this statement in sample population has proven worthless.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Prediction #897665 - De-Evolution of Dance and Music

Music and Dance will further de-evolve to a series of grunts and thrusts.

While you would assume this return to our honest nature of perversion without any bull shit would be right up my alley, you would be wrong.

There is something about the dance about the lyrics about a person trying to define a feeling or emotion that I love. Thought is missing.

I enjoy the fact that Dancing with the Stars is bringing formal dancing back into mainstream I just wish club owners would be faster to convert over because it is obvious no one has told any of the customers at any of the clubs around here.

What I fear is that the person who grunts the most, who can only grind when they are dancing is the only one who will be reproducing in this generation. Thus moving his genes into the next generation faster then the formal dancer. Before you know it the thrusters and grunters have taken over and this club mutation sweeps through the population.

Ladies you are the gate keeps on this so please be diligent.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The P Spot

The perfect parking spot requires a closer look.

Circa lunch yesterday I was walking with a co-worker out to the parking lot. I didn't even bother asking if he was going to drive because I already know his answer..., "No I don't want to lose my spot."

I am 100% convinced he gets here early in the morning, not to work but just to get that spot. People associate great spots by the door with go getter's and work horses. It screams hey look at me I am the first to get here last to leave. Not that any results they accomplish are any better they just look better. This is the mentality of work harder not smarter. I am starting to see these people as my enemy. I don't want to work 60 hour weeks for 40 years so I can lug my winkled nuts to the beach and daydream about what I could have done.

I used to think that people who drove around and looked for that perfect parking spot were diligent. They were going for the best and not giving up till they get it. These are the same people who will drive around the gym parking lot for a spot next to the door, that way their car is waiting for them after an hour on the tread mill.

I now think it is a waste of time. I think it is laziness now where I used to think it was the opposite.

I will make an exception for when safety is an issue but other then that I am going to start keying cars...

Wait I don't have to I bet people who park in the spots closer to the doors tend to get more dings in their cars for two reasons.

1.) Chances are greater that cars will be on either side of them more often.
2.) People will squeeze into a spot that is too tight for their car closer to the door because people are lazy and don't want to walk.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lighten Up...

Ok I get it. How about a post on how to fuck girls that work at Target. I am talking about the headquarters now not the stores..

This was handed down to me by the only real playboy I know. If there were 10 girls from Minneapolis on here he has slept with at least one of you.

This is of course a stereotype and there are exceptions to the rule but as a general premise Target hires country girls who are\want to be very cosmopolitan. It sounds bad but it is a business model that works. They want to sell the allure of fashion to the masses who have not alot of money. So if it is Target girls you want and why wouldn't you as they are probably some of the hottest in Minneapolis. Here is how to bag some.

1.) Go to the Local or Brits on a Friday. They are from the country and despite their city looks never wander too far from their safety zone.

2.) Wear nice shoes and a nice watch, it doesn't even mater if the watch is fake since women can't tell the difference, but make sure the shoes are legit...for some reason they have radar and can always tell about the shoes.

3.) Go at 7:00 you will get there before the clean-up guys come in and they have been there since 5:00 so they have a little buzz.

4.)Country girls like shots.

5.)They are all looking for a modern man so if you can flatter her with questions while somehow working into it that you built a deck today(something), read a classic, and went shopping at insert some high end store for this shirt...or what ever you have on you are in.

But say you weren't really sure if it looks good and that you are terrible at picking this stuff out...this will help you two ways. 1.) Girls love to fix guys. 2.) It will give her a chance to talk about fashion and her self. When she is done talking about her self say "but it is easy for you because you don't even have to try to be beautiful." After she is done blushing ask her if she would like to go down to Zeno or someplace where it is quieter to talk. (Separate her from the herd)

If she says sure go hit that. If she says she is going to stay give her your number and tell her you are glad to talk to her and that you are going to take off cause this meat market scene is not for you. (Or get her number)

She will think you are a good guy and call.

Move to the bar down the street you are now on clean up hours...

Next Week...

How To Bang Financial Advisers at Ameriprise

Talk About A Fool..

Do you remember when Minnesota constantly ranked in the Top Five for Places to Live. Education. Income. Quality of Life. Etc. Does anyone see a correlation with that decline and this current administration. I shudder when I hear his name tossed around as a vice president candidate......As if more of what he has done for Minnesota is what this country needs right now...

Our fair governor Tim Pawlenty made the promise of all republican promises when he declared he will not raise taxes. What he meant was he will not raise state sales tax. So the money has to come from somewhere since he is not cutting spending to match this goal.

Counties were forced to raise property taxes, cigarettes went up a buck, fees on city services went up, gas tax went up, before you know it we are being nickled and dimed from every angle but Tim still says I kept my promise and have not raised taxed...Vote for me again...sorry you are done bucko...

Well enter recession - We have high taxes and fees and the emergence of a third variable; a decrease in property values which means a decrease in property taxes. Not to mention record high foreclosures and lose of revenue.

Enter Cross-town Commons Reconstruction ProjectEnter Light Rail North Corridor
Enter Stadium Funding Bill
Enter 35w Bridge Rebuild Project

All worthy projects. All in my opinion need to be completed. But just like I cant go out and just start doing stuff without a way to pay for stuff, congress shouldn't be able to either.

Shit... can you say budget shortfall?

What can we do? Take money out of reserves? Check

Raise Sales Tax Tim? No..

Cut Spending Tim?...No

Tax out of towners...wait that sounds good. Lets give more tickets to people from out of town. Pull them over for any minor infraction give them a ticket and have them pay us this will allow us to raise revenue by taking money from other states.

Downside.. we are in a recession. We rely fairly strongly on tourism and you are pissing off tourists. Anyone notice how easy it is to get a parking spot at the mall of America these days?
*Recommendations do not pull people over or ticket people with out of town plates let them spend their money in our stores and establishments. Let them leave wanting to come back.

We need a leader for Minnesota who is going to have to make some very tough and not too popular decisions for the future of our state. This is leader who is going to have to be courageous, take bold action in the face of criticism and opposition. This is obviously not Tim Pawlenty..