Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's My Birthday

As of this morning I have taken 33 trips around the sun.

I have never felt as good about going into a year as I do this one:)

On a side note I feel kind of weird that the measure of my life is calculated in trips around the sun.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

America and the Titanic

The titanic was supposedly indestructible. It was the super power of boats. I think America and the titanic have a lot in common, people’s perception is that America is invincible, that it is an indestructible super power. There is an iceberg in front of America’s path too. Made of debt, underfunded social security, Medicare and Subsidy’s. I wonder if we will turn in time or if one indestructible force will mimic the fate of the other.

Monday, December 27, 2010

On calling the Eagles Vikings Game

We had a game at an outside stadium, after it was blizzard conditions for most of the day. In addition to this fact fans that wanted to see the game had to line up outside in harsh conditions for hours before the game just to get in. I am extremely grateful that the NFL did not cancel that game. The Gophers basketball team played at the barn during the worst blizzard we have had in Minnesota in 20 years this year. Fans who felt that their safety was more important than the cost of tickets could stay home if they felt that way…otherwise get out there and see it.

You were the idiot that bought tickets to a game during the winter…the season where it snows…you gambled and lost.

I think it sets a terrible precedence for future games. The ticket says buyer beware for a reason.

It was a Festivus Miracle

For the last 4 years there has been a CD stuck in my cars CD player. To compound matters said CD is lesson one of learning how to speak Spanish, to further complicate matter even this CD which would randomly play at times stopped working about a year ago. Contemplating a long drive back to central Wisconsin by myself for the holidays I hit the eject button a single time on the 23rd and out popped the Speaking Spanish CD. After staring at the CD for several minutes with the biggest smile the frame of my face has ever held I quickly converted the CD into a Frisbee. While sitting in my car at the gas station threw it at the Garbage can across the parking lot and it went in!!

Needless to say that event started off a fantastic weekend.

I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life and that my friends is the greatest gift of all.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing Holidays Items Overlooked by the Markets

1.) Metallica Christmas Album – At least they will not have to worry about it being downloaded illegally.

2.) Boxed Wine of the Week Club – Am I the only person who thinks this would be a great idea?

On another note wouldn’t a great invention be the self jacking car? A car where a hydraulic jack is hidden in the wheel well that could be engaged from inside the car? Include a self leveling option? You get a flat and you can press a button to engage the jack.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Phone Safety

Two times this week I have seen people take diggers while playing around on their phones and walking at the same time. I wonder if the no text while you drive law will ever apply to walking.

Your manual text and internet features stop working as soon as the GPS app detects that you are moving. Maybe a special cradle in the car will allow for some features such as GPS navigation and voice command features but other than that your screen dependant functions quit in motion.

I bet we will see the day.

Maybe we should be the first to develop this safety app in anticipation of this change? We could cash in as soon as the first video of a girl texting as she is walking across an intersection is mowed down by a semi goes viral on YouTube.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Open Questions to MPR

Today on Marketplace the moderator made some comments about the fact that he was guilty as charged for not having his Christmas shopping done already.

In the wake of some of the high profile terminations and sanctions against moderators for their political contribution, which were seen as indicators of bias and endangering the audience’s ability to view them as objective.

My question is this, why the double standard for religion? Isn’t stating that you are buying Christmas presents an open endorsement of your religious bias?

Isn’t it an indirect financial contribution to a religious “candidate”?

A financial contribution to a specific point of view?

Shouldn’t the same objectivity that is extended to political candidates be applied to religious candidates?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something Missing

Who would know unless I told them that this short is a lipogram that omits the twenty sixth letter in the alphabet. Can you figure out if every other letter is present. Just in case you are wondering I am quite bored off my rocker.

(Now without an E) – Who would know had I not told, that this short is a lipogram that omits a famous symbol from a sword slashing bandit. Just hang with it and trust. I know I should quit now and vary my approach.

(As part of further evidence of my approaching insanity when ever I get bored I try to rewrite sentences or short stories as a lipogram without the use of a specific letter. The hardest are omitting specific vowels. So there now you have a mind exercise you can do when you are bored)

Happy Solstice. In Minnesota you have to celebrate today it is the turning point that means days are going to get longer and the spring is beginning its slow return.

Monday, December 20, 2010

God Hates the Vikings

“God hates the Vikings and will forever deny them a super bowl victory until they change their Pagan worshiping ways”

“What more evidence do you need then seeing their stadium crushed to the ground like something out of Sodom and Gomorrah?”

At first I laughed this weekend cause I thought these comments were a joke….they were not..

I wonder is he remembers the Saints? Didn’t God Destroy their stadium too?

Comments like these tickle me and fill me with absolute horror at the same time.

Eco Only

To get the gold level LEED certification buildings around the great state of Minnesota are turning to setting aside up to 5% of parking spaces nearest the doors (think right next to the handicap spots) of the building for people who drive fuel efficient or hybrid cars.

Personally I think this is bull shit.

1.) Opting for this kind of requirement to help a building get a LEED rating doesn’t really force the building to do anything different. The focus should be more on energy saving or building materials etc that the actual building is made up of…not the kind of cars that the tenants drive.

2.) It is a social-economic penalty. Most fuel efficient cars are new cars. New cars that are not affordable to a large percent of the population. Giving primary parking by the door to people with more money or more ability to pay kind of trumps the first come first served mentality that I think is America. Imagine if the sign said BMW parking only.

3.) I could see the justification if the company offered say outlets for electric cars. This would make sense since logistically at this time on the demand curve for electric cars it would not be feasible to put electric outlets everywhere. You would designate a few spots with outlets and help the people out. I asked the property manager at my school who was putting up a sign for eco-parking if they were reserving the spot to put an outlet in…..he said are you kidding do you know how expensive it would be for us if we let everyone charge their cars here?

This comment led me to believe this whole movement is just a feel good, PR crock of shit, and a social economic slam against poor people who can’t afford the upgrade.

(All that said I believe that eco and electric cars are a great move forward and if you can you should get one)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Having it Both Ways

Every once in a while my fair neighbors (Not my immediate neighbors since you guys are awesome) in Minneapolis make me want to puke. First the city caved to ease towing and ticketing of vehicles that failed to comply with the snow emergency. The day the snow emergency was declared the phones and papers were lit up with people saying it was impossible to move their cars and it is outrageous that the city would ticket and tow under these conditions. So the city relaxed the ticketing. Now my fair citizens are complaining that the streets are not plowed to an acceptable level. Well you can’t have it both ways. The cars have to be off the street to plow.

Few thoughts

1.) This is Minne fucking sota it snows. It slows a lot sometimes. Move your car.

2.) I realize that some people might not physically be able to do this or might be elderly or the car might be broken down and the people can’t afford to fix it etc. All of these are unfortunate situations. They should all be explained to the people who lost loved ones this week because emergency vehicles where not able to reach victims in time. I know it sucks having your car towed especially when you can financially not afford it but those few unmoved cars can put entire neighborhoods at risk.
3.) When you buy a house that has a fire hydrant in front of it…you know the big red thing that sticks out in the front yard? You are signing up to keep it clear of snow. You don’t want that job keep looking at houses.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I think girls need to give guys a little break when it comes to flirting. I think by our nature everybody likes to feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex. It is self confidence inspiring. It makes you feel good and valid as a person.

I think for girls this attention is rather easy you can where a skirt and heals and you are going to get looks, double takes, stares and people asking if you come here often. All you had to do for this validation was make a small wardrobe consideration.

Guys on the other hand have to work for it. A tight pair of pants is probably going to have the opposite effect for the men that wear them then it does for the ladies who wear them. We have to work at it, small talk making an ass out of ourselves etc.

So ladies don’t yell at your man for a little harmless flirting if he could get a little validation just by wearing a different outfit he would rock it seven days a week you know like you do…

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Estate Tax aka(Death Tax or Inheritance Tax)

There is a lot of debate on this issue lately and I think it falls into two distinct views of how you view what America should be.

1.) What a person makes in their life time should be theirs to do with what they will after they die.

2.) Or America is a Meritocracy where everybody should have equal footing starting out life based on merit rather than birthright.

I don’t think these two ideals have to conflict in the way that they do and I don’t think the details of the estate tax make as big of an impact as people make them out to be.

Some of the main points in view number one to consider is that most property can pass to a surviving spouse without taxation (this happens to be one of the reason I am a huge supporter of civil unions) it only comes into play by and large when passing money on to descendants.

In the real world when a person gets a bonus it is taxed at a higher rate depending on your tax bracket up to 45% of the amount is taxed. When a person dies and passes on a large sum of money to their children who, and this can be debatable, did not earn the money. What is so wrong with taxing it as a bonus to the children? It might seem a little macabre to look at a deceased persons assets being split up to descendants as a bonus for them but I think altering the way we look at this tax will cause it to be seen as fair as long as it does not exceed the tax rate found in other similar transfers of wealth around the world.

It is not like the descendant gets nothing at all it is use treating the unearned transfer of wealth the same way any corporation must treat it.

It enforces the value that is central to the founding of this country of equal opportunity for all instead of creating system that rewards people simply for birthright rather than for effort and contribution.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Changing the Locus

External Locus of ControlIndividual believes that his/her behavior is guided by fate, luck, or other external circumstances

Internal Locus of Control
Individual believes that his/her behavior is guided by his/her personal decisions and efforts.

To be a healthy individual which one of these categories would be more preferable? Someone who takes responsibility or someone who blames other things? Someone who believes making things better for themselves is in their control or someone who believes that making things better is up to someone else?
Which orientation would you rather work for? Vote for? Hire?
I think most people would agree that having a high internal locus of control is a good thing.

Yet these same people blame politicians.

They prostrate on their knees in religious centers praying for miracles.
I think they forget that their two hands working can accomplish more then a million clasped in prayer or pointing fingers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vantage Point

Where I sit there is an incredible view. You can see the majority of the entire city and surrounding suburbs. It has just snowed and there are drifts of snow five feet high in some places. The wind chill is around -30 degrees. The sky is crystal clear blue. The free way is open. There are planes taking off. People are at work. This would seem to be the most inhospitable place in the world and yet here we are. For some reason the resiliency and the ability to adapt always amaze me and every once in a while carry me through the days when I think why the fuck am I living here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s Time to Tackle the Big Three

While, I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions I can appreciate the reflection that goes into people examining their life and planning positive changes for themselves in the future and if you need an arbitrary starting point for doing that I guess New Years is as good as any.

I set goals for myself every year (usually on my Birthday) and for the most part I hit them with three notable exceptions.

1.) Get back in shape. My actual goal is 210 lbs or 3 x1 hour session a week.

2.) Stop smoking. This is a no brainer, I am starting to develop asthma, it stinks, it is expensive and I have obviously proven to myself that I am not capable of doing it socially.

3.) Maintain better relationships with my friends. (I am notorious for dropping off the map for years and then reemerging for bursts only to drop off again)

For #1 in the past I have tried gym memberships, all kinds of funny stuff and I usually do pretty good for a month or two but then something will happen like a trip or event or injury and I get out of my routine and fail to get back in. This year I am trying something a little different. I bought a cheap exercise bike and rowing machine to go with a few weights I have laying around. I put a tv in front of them and now I have no excuse not to work on them right at home.

For #2 I have tried gum, patches, pills and I usually do good for a couple of weeks and then fall off the wagon. This year I feel like it will be different I feel a new maturity and outlook on life that is boosting my desire to do this internally.

For #3 As an introvert I really struggle with this one. My job, school and daily activities force me into an extroverted mindset and to be honest by the time I get home I am just kind of burnt out on people and take some alone time to decompress it is not that I don’t love people mind you it is just that I feel like the time I need to recoup has been at a premium. Thankfully I have a wonderful social director in my life who is great at helping me stay in touch with peopleJ So this year should be betterJ

Here is to making baby steps of progress.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Scaling Freedom

A note on airport strip downs and searches.

Remember Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber? Remember the guy who drove his SUV to the middle of Time Square in NY and tried to set off an explosive? The pair who terrorized the east coast by turning the truck of their car into a snipers nest? Image for a second that because of these singular events that all cars were required to be made out of glass so people could see the occupants and the vehicles contents? Image that you had to drive in the nude so that you could not additionally hid things under your clothes? Would you do? In the name of public safety? These people have proven that our automotive infrastructure can be used against us with extremely deadly consequences.

Remember the Unabomber? Or the anthrax in the mail threat? Would you change the rules so that you had to travel to the post office to send and receive mail? Be patted down by your governments employed mail carrier? All of your mail had to be sent in clear zip lock envelopes with your personal information out there for anyone to see?

What about banks, convenience stores, department stores doing body scans so you can not steal or threaten the employees in a hold up?

Would you submit? Trade a digital image of your naked body and imprint of your license for minuet percentage decrease that you would be harmed in a burglary while you were buying a new shirt?

My guess is not. My guess is there would be outrage. That wise people would see the folly of these extreme measures and rally against the erosion of their personal freedom, but then I go to the airport and I wonder with a touch of sadness how far we will let our delusion of security letit slide.

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” – Ben Franklin

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Swift Exit

Sorry Taylor Swift you need to take a break. I am sick of you. All your songs sound the same. It is hard to take this innocent stuff seriously when you have been polishing more knobs then a maid at the Radisson. Take a couple years off. Make a sex tape, discover bourbons rightful place in country music’s history, learn a few different cords or just hide on the Disney channel where you belong. Give yourself time to develop as an artist and a woman and us a chance to rest our ears. I know this might be a little harsh but I don’t believe that marketing innocent BS anymore. I am now glad that Kayne interrupted your speech and feel bad he had to apologize. I was on your side at the time but this constant barrage of school girl, bubble gum, deer in the headlights stuff is too much.

Ad nausea

The only thing that I hate more then political adds during an election season is the barrage of jewelry adds that pop up during the holidays. Sirus should give these guys a cut of revenue since the more they play these adds the stronger my commitment to satellite radio gets.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I hate to say this out loud but I feel like I have to give credit where credit is due.

I love Martha Stewarts cook books. The receipes are quick easy and they taste good, almost everything i make turns out looking just like the picture. Thanks Martha Stewart.

There I said it and I actually feel better.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Organizational Behavior

There is a long standing theory that there is a cultural difference between individualistic and collective groups of people. With individualistic concerned about their own selfish interests and the collective concerned about the groups or societies.

This usually boils down to a West vs. East mentality I would like to propose that there is no such thing as collective mentality on three prongs.

1.) Even when people operate on altruistic intentions it is from a selfish standpoint they do it maybe not for reward or recognition but because it feels good. (What is more selfish then doing something because it feels good?)

2.) In the countries that are usually described as collective like India, China, Korea, Japan etc there are political and religious constraints that are enforced on the population that makes acting un-uniformly displeasing with repercussions of property loss, imprisonment, and death. Acting to avoid unpleasant consequences to your person is selfish and acting in the individual’s best interest.

3.) The surveys for most of these academic concepts took place during the period of 1950-80 against the back drop of communism a brief period over the course of our long life a species that is hardly representative in hindsight.

The first billion dollar house is in India. The worlds riches man is a Mexican. Amazing thing happen when the walls of religion and oppression come down.

I am not saying that people are bad or that we don’t help each other just that we do it in the context of lend and cooperate because I might need a hand some time. I think this trade between free people is an amazing thing I just don’t know why selfishness has gotten such a bad rap.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Why drop the W? When you wrap a present you place your own personal touches around the gift so the wrap is adding your personal touches or influence around something you are giving away. Isn't rapping on the Mic the same thing your personal commentary around a subject or beat that you are passing on?

Friday, December 03, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

1 Jug og Vodka
2 New Lungs
3 Bags of Ice
4 Cans of Redbull
5 Hour nap
6 Pack of Abs
7 days off
8 inches more
9 to 1 pay out
10 camels lights
11 on the table
12 cans of soda

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Prove it...

I wonder if he would cut off his bits? My guess is no and that even love you would die for has its limits.

Bruno Mars Lyrics

I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain, Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know this is unpopular to some but I love the snow. I love going for walks with huge flakes falling down all around me. I love to see the kids sledding at the hill by my house. The same hill I used to slide down myself. I love being the first person to walk through a field of snow leaving my sole tracks as evidence that I was first to cover some uncharted area. I love sitting inside watching it come down like my picture glass window is a giant TV tuned to one of the most relaxing channels I had ever seen.

There is a certain calmness that comes in a Minnesota winter where everything just slows down. You rediscover books; remember how good it is to be warm, how comforting it is to drink wine with loved ones by a fire.

Everyone’s cars become the same color of muck and ice.

You lose the pretentious admit piles of clothes, big jackets, mittens and hats. Like everyone enters a cocoon preparing for the unveiling of butterflies in the spring.

It teaches me patients. It reminds me to prepare.

You see the best of the community come out and shovel for one another. You see strangers help push each other’s cars out of ruts. You actually see people help other across icy streets.

I hope in the midst of all the rushing that happens through the next few months I remember these things and take time to stop and smell the snow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People in Glass Offices

Should clean their cages.

Over the past month I have been in close to 20 different office buildings around the metro area most of them of newer construction. One trend I have noticed more often then not is that the offices have glass on all sides. Glass cubical if you will. I can’t help but think of the people working in these glass offices as little hamsters on display. Like I am walking down the halls of a pet store wondering which one I should get...

Monday, November 22, 2010


I wonder at what point or at what ratio of government spending will my tax dollars be eligible for a write off as a charitable contribution?

I wonder if turbo tax has anyone working on this potential circular reference.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saving Haiti One Resort for Oversize Americans at a Time

Ok so while aid is necessary in times of crisis I think the overall approach if seriously flawed. Say for example we take a portion of the overall aid sent for disaster say 10 billion dollars out of the 40 billion (these numbers vary based on which news program you watch but the concept I am proposing remains the same)

Use that money to develop a tourist zone build say 6 billion dollar resorts in close proximity. This immediately puts people to work in construction jobs. It also has a trickle down effect once they are up in running of constantly employing front desk staff, maids, bell hops, cooks, waiters, bar tenders, security staff, grounds keepers not to mention the supporting businesses like taxi drivers, tour guides, bus drivers, gift shops, bars, cafes etc. If you can hold the security you encourage other investors to step in Jimmy Buffet will open a Margaretville, hard rock, casinos. All of these business will need supplies purified water, safe food, fabric, arts and crafts etc suddenly you have bottling plants, processing centers all being built with labor and it produces an upward spiral. – Employing the people and improving the infrastructure now become the focus of a self sustaining country.

Use the other 4 billion dollars as business grants and for infrastructure; new roads, new sewers, clean water, better airports to facilitate trade.

Granted there are some geo political issues and cultural issues that would have to be addressed but moving towards self sustaining platforms is a much better long term solution to aid the country then sending an endless supply of bottled water and rice.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soap Box

Why a soap box? Wasn’t there any other boxes available? I am sure before cardboard lots of things were shipped in boxes. Maybe it is because the orator is lathering up the audience? Reference to cleaning up speech like washing your moth out with soap? Or just cleaning in general? Soap box.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


How are leggings with boots and a nice top, not the same as loafers sweat pants and a button down shirt?

Monday, November 15, 2010


The place where several rivers meet in a transition into the ocean.
I have friends I grew up with.

I have friends I went to school with.

I have some family.

I have work friends.

I have mutual friends.

I have an inherited family.

All markedly different yet they are going to be tossed together for the first time. Like a salad with lots of different overpowering herbs. I wonder how it is going to taste? Maybe it will be delicious? Maybe it will make people sick?

Maybe not everything is made to mix and match? Maybe I just worry too much?

I say screw it. At this point in my life I think I am just going to step back have a drink and enjoy the show.

Because screw you. I am happy.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prime Time

I wonder how the aging of the population will start to impact everyday items like the time frame for prime time? I was thinking about this so prime time is set up to be on when most people are likely to be watching TV. If the majority of people are retired and likely to go to bed by 8:00 I wonder if the primetime slot gets moved up? Monday night football starting @ 4:30? Right after the early bird special? I guess with the market wreaking havoc on people’s retirement funds I at least get a few more years before I have to worry about this.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Interesting future study on the correlation between the BMI of the HR Department and a companies internal ethics.

I am starting to advance the theory that the heavier the combined weight of the HR department is the less transparent or ethical the company they represent is.

The logic to this is that while people eat and are overweight for a lot of reasons there are a few general patters such as consuming food during periods of nervousness, loneliness, self esteem struggles, anxiety or even if you believe Dr. Phil to build a physical barrier between you and the world around you.

(While I know that there are other factors to be considered such as genetics or the fallibility to hire people who are similar to each other I think it would be worth a look.)

Now this could be said about any team but it would use the HR team as a leading indicator since the HR center of any organization tends to be the hub and black hole of a company’s secrets.

Interesting follow-up studies would be seeing other unhealthy habits and the correlations like rate of smoking, gambling, promiscuity etc.

I know I might have a problem with causality since it would be hard to determine which factor caused the other but I am not interested in the causality just to test if there is a statistical link between the two.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You’re fired

Fire the coach, fire the athletic director, fire the CEO it seems like every time there is a problem or a game loss, bad season, disappointing quarter the first thing everybody starts screaming is fire the person in charge.

Couple things to consider.

1.) The crown of leadership is heavy don’t knock it until you have felt its weight on your shoulders.

2.) If the leader sees a problem and that problem is your lazy a$$ and he fires you, your responsibility chucking self would cry all the way to a lawyers office to sue.

3.) It takes time for people to develop – a bad season or a bad quarter sometimes is necessary to see where your underlying faults and areas of improvements are.

4.) People often learn more from their mistakes then their successes.

5.) Mistakes or poor results can be great place for coaching and yes even coaches get coaching on how to improve.

I am all for holding people accountable for results but there needs a be a little bit of latitude, I am not going to put my dog down for chewing a hole in the couch. I am not going to fire a team member for making a poor estimate, or fault a coach for a bad play call. Sometimes you have to take a shot and reward people for taking the shot even if they miss, otherwise you build a culture where no one wants to take a shot and no wants to lead or try new things everyone just wants to sit and complain.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hot Server Index

Heard this at the bar and thought this was an interesting theory: The better looking a wait staff is at an establishment the deeper we are in a recession. The theory is (right or wrong) that attractive people are usually hired first. To phase it another way if two equally qualified candidates apply for a job the more attractive of the two will get the position.

So the more attractive the servers are means the softer the corporate job market since they are waiting tables because other opportunities don’t currently exist.

Now I am not saying that wait staff should be ugly or that there is anything wrong with serving I mean you got to do what you got to do, but then isn’t that the whole point of the theory?

Monday, November 08, 2010


One of the main benefits I like about working with IT people is that most of them tend to understand that even the best plans tend to go awry. Plans are general guidelines that assist in reaching a goal. They help draw attention to issues and events that require them. I have never seen a project completed with any level of difficulty where every milestone was hit if all the planning for each phase of the development cycle was done up front. Usually when I hear people say my project came in one time and under budget my first question is usually after how many revisions.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Texting behind the Wheel

Now that most phones are equipped with voice texting (You speak and it types it for you) Most will soon be able to read text too you and perform commands like send, reply etc. I wonder if it will still be considered illegal to text when you drive? I know several states ban even hands free phone usage while driving but that seems like a slippery slope. Will carpooling with other passengers become illegal since it will tend to merge to the same thing talking with another human being while driving.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rush Hour

I now get to experience something I have been able to avoid for most of my grown life. Rush hour.

Rush hour is like a big slinky of metal cars.

Seems like it could be avoided by having staggered work schedules I mean why does everybody have to be to the same place at the same time?

It is an irritating way to start your evening, but for some reason I don’t mind it so much in the morning.

I have always thought of my car as a time machine. I get in it, push a few buttons and bam I am somewhere else sometime in the future. (Ok I guess it becomes the present when I get there, or maybe it is always the present?) But with traffic it seems like my time machine is broken it takes too long to get that close in the future. <- Bonus points if you followed that.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


On the proliferation of wearing vests as a fashion trend.

Are you drowning? Going hunting? Do you have a tendency to walk into walls and think this bubble wrap layer will help you?

Am I the only one who thinks this is not a good look?

Thanks but no thanks.

B: How come nobody uses thanks as a valediction here? For some reason I am not comfortable with all the variations of regards we have going on. I mean best regards, warmest regards, kindest regards I feel like you are kind of mocking me with all this regards. Are you mocking me?

C: We don’t use thanks because we speak English and a thanks is not a valediction and yes we are subtly mocking you.

Proper or not I need a judgment call on signing off a letter or an email with …



Hasn’t the use of thanks as a sign of farewell been used widely enough to gain acceptance as a proper valediction?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Change Faster

I live along the major interstate that travels through the Minneapolis metro area. This interstate has had a large project that has been going on for the last three years.

It has caused freeway closures, exit and entrance ramp closures, it has diverted in a fairly inconvenient way how my entire neighborhood can travel to the east of the city.

It was painful. People grumbled. They charged the people taking on this project with not doing it fast enough.

But in the end the people leading the project did a great job. The finished early. They finished under budget. The city is better as a whole because of it, even though a few were inconvenienced.

I can’t help but think of this on this election day. They took three years to untangle the free way but we expect the largest financial collapse and the destruction of infrastructure in our country to be fixed in two?

I can’t help but think if that construction crew would have been replaced half way through the project, new blue prints drawn, new vision, new tools, new people hired.

Would that project be done sooner? Under budget?

Would I be able to get to work in the morning?

My guess is the second crew would run over budget and over time and a third crew would be voted into take care of the problem and fail yet again.

And I would still be taking the long way around.

There is something to be said about continuity in leadership and vision. It just seems like a lot of people aren’t willing to listen.


I just realized by making this public this is the only place that people can stalk me where I don't have to accept them into my life to do so. If their are stalkers I wonder who you are what exactly you want?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Self Loathing in Minneapolis

One day you wake up and you are this fat, middle-aged, balding piece of work. Lucky I can change most of those things or at least start on them….right after this happy hour and nap.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Socially Awkward

In some sense I feel like I have digressed in my professional social ability severely. For the last two years at my previous job I was basically isolated from most human contact I was literally the only person on an entire side of an office building with my only real interaction coming in the form of conference calls and WebEx sessions. This had its pluses like sweat pants everyday and come and go flexibility, but the profession etiquette muscles seemed to have fatigued considerably.

With my basic interaction with adults reduced to Sunday fun days, pub crawls, sports games, kickball, and other events where a mere series of grunts was understood by all I admit I am getting quite the workout back in a truly professional environment and it is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


All of my 2010 goals are done. And it is only October. It is amazing what you can knock off the list when you have a month off from work. Guess it is time to start planning for next year.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Makeshift Memorial Spots

On my dog walking rounds there is this tree, sadly it was the last thing that three young people saw before their lives ended in a car crash at its base. This incident happened quite some time ago but several times through-out the year the tree will get decorated with signs like, “Happy Birthday, We miss you” or gifts left at its base or the occasional candle.

I know we do this because death is such a defining event and it is very specific. I just think it pays homage to all of the wrong things. I started to wonder why don’t we honor someone life after their death by celebrating their life rather then the termination of it?

Why don’t we put flowers and signs at the place their life began?

Promise me no matter how it ends from me there will be no marker for that event, no make shift memorial. That place is insignificant it does not matte,r the times had together are what counts. Now I am off cause I am starting to even depress myself.. Cheers

Monday, October 25, 2010

Perpetual Motion or Indecision Machine

If you drop a cat it will land on its feet. If you drop a piece of buttered toast it will land buttered side down. If you tie the toast to the cats back and drop it will spin in place forever without hitting the ground. (I think GM is currently exploring this option for its new line of green engines)

Sometimes you come across this dilemma in business situations where you have two forces of nature that are working to repel each other. In some companies this can be the sales division verse the risk division or the marketing division vs the IS department with each side only converging or seeing their given point of view. I find it troubling (although lucrative) that there is so few people who are really good generalists when it comes to business.

Every once in a while I am amazed that someone actually pays me to understand both sides of a business decision and help facilitate the outcome or as I have come to calling it cutting the toast. Not to be confused with cutting the wind which coincidentally is also something analysts are pretty good at.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Accelerating Benchmarks

I tend to come from the view that static benchmarks are extremely dangerous for a company. They create a sense of false security because companies generally hit them in silos without relation to any outside force. Any benchmark that isn’t updated at the very least annually is probably not telling you anything useful.

Side Bar

Maybe I will open a saloon up called Side Bar where everyone lays down on mats and drinks through straws. Decorated with a nod to the Roman era dinner party. The bar would be sunk in the floor in the middle. I don’t know just an idea.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Design Wonderment

How do blind people know where the dryers\hand towels are in a bathroom? There seems to be considerable variation in their general placement relative to the sink (sometimes to the left of the sink sometimes to the right of the sink, sometimes by the door, sometimes on the opposite wall) I think that would be terribly frustrating.

I wonder if office buildings ever blindfold the developers or companies ever do usability testing for this. Walk through the scenario of a blind CEO coming to visit them or a blind potential sale feel the experience of their building from this point of view. I bet they would be surprised.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Hero’s?

While I understand the desire of people to wish themselves some extreme form of power such as the ability of flight or super human strength knowing human nature as it is I doubt that an average person suddenly endowed with these powers would use them solely for the benefit of mankind. I would be willing to venture that in a controlled experiment where you were able to grant super powers to certain individuals you would end up with a lot more villains then heroes by some exponential factor.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don’t know if I could ever really retire. I have had the opportunity to have quite a lot of time off and I find myself missing actually working. I should say I find myself missing the feeling of being needed of feeling like I contribute to something. Don’t get me wrong the first two weeks were great. Sleep in, do a few chores read outside, go for a walk, but then something is just missing. Maybe I do seek validation in others more then I would like to believe?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have finally crossed over to the e-book and to be truthful. I am loving the kindle. I thought I would miss the “feel” of books and the pages but really it was less of a factor then I thought it would be.

One thing that I noticed I love about books is that they are kind of mini projects. You can see your status progress as you burn through the pages. The status bar on the kindle covers this feature and I have found it to be just as emotionally rewarding.

The pluses of the Kindle are many great readability, even in sunlight, lower book prices on new releases, low initial start-up price and decent usability.

The one feature I wish they had was a good skip feature that would bring you directly to notes in the back of the book that correspond with a chapter. I never noticed how much I can skip around in a book until I picked this up but overall I am extremely happy convert.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bags Fly Fee

Just saw an interesting set of commercials Sun Country bag police ad spot followed by Delta American Express where if you sign up for their card you get your luggage on for Free....

One spot checked bags are just free.

The other they are free if you sign up for a high interest rate credit card.

Just kind of highlighted the difference and I wonder how many people noticed?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starting to Get Ancy

Don't worry just cause I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been writing. Just letting it all pile up until it gets ready to pour out.


I remember the days when if you heard someone say they have great apps you would not have to pause and think about the context.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Random thought: "Pink" the famous slogan of Victoria Secret that adorns the bottoms of a large swath of its apparel might be more literal then one would think.

At least that is the only reason I can come up with for why a blue pair of sweat pants would have pink in blue letters across the bottoms.

Friday, April 02, 2010

On a Roll

As I pulled into the empty parking lot I opened my door and looked back out over the horizon. They sky was grey like it was going to snow but it was the first time it had hit 70 degrees of the spring. I stood outside of my car basking in the return of the heat, finishing a cigarette and going over the list of items I was going purchase at Home Depot. I flicked my cigarette into the empty lot and saw a small explosion of sparks. A mount Vesuvius for the ants. I watched that cigarette caught in the breeze roll almost all the way across the parking lot.

There was something in that moment.

Something about luck and timing.

Something about the grey sky and the heat on my skin.

Maybe some people just happen to get cast into the world when the wind is blowing.

Maybe some don't.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Kind of a fitting word for the on going theme as of late.

In a nut shell here are the high points. My company is dissolving its presents in the Midwest and I have been offered an opportunity to move to the east coast to continue with the company.

Currently this opportunity is being mulled over.

As a good planner I am beginning to activate plan B which is look else where here in the Twin Cities for a new career.

This process is going to put me at direct odds with this blog since I actually would like to give myself a shot at gainful

With this said this blog will be going private beginning this Friday as my search for the new funding source of Brian Inc. goes into high gear.

What else is new?

Loving: Phoenix - Liztomania (I am not sure there is a catchier song out right now)

Loved: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

Loved: Up in the Air for some reason this movie hit home with the last few months.

Yawn: New Moon - Yeah I know

Ok: The Informant - Ok yes I can see the relation to me and stay tuned for a post on this under my new private label.

Ok: My Best Friends Girl - Some classic dialog in this movie between Alec Baldwin and Dane Cook was pretty good for this Genre that I tend to stay the hell out of.

Well that is it in a nut shell. I would like to employ some of you talented Googlers over the next week to help me find out where my Cyber risks are for potential new recruiters.

PS Know of any potential leads here in the Twin Cities give me a shout

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do As I Say

It always amuses me that the government can break up a business deal do to the potential monopolistic outcome of that business deal and then turn around reaffirm the municipal rights of the government to be the only players able to open liquor stores in a county.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Loaded

I was watching a Citizens watch commercial yesterday and I was in awe by it. You know the one where Eli Manning says nothing stops his Citizen watch.

Never needs a battery.

Never needs a wind.

Works off of the kinetic energy in the movement of the arm.

Perpetual motion.

As the Arm moves it stores energy in a series of springs that in turn turn gears and power the hands forward with exact precision.

Why couldn't a similar concept work with a car engine? As the wheels turn it stores energy in a spring that in turn releases energy and spins the wheels?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Going Green

I am not sure if this is a new invention or not since most of these pieces already exist just not in combination with one another.

Bong recharger.

It is possible (so I have heard) to fit a small turbine inside of a bong so that as the exhaust is suced out by the user the turbine spins and chanrges a battery or cell phone. Not saying it is the most practical way to go green but at least it shows that creating and conserving energy can be fun and exciting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hands Free

I hate it when news stations do segments when they put teenagers in a car and have them go through a slalom course of orange cones at 40 miles an hour while texting to show the dangers of texting when driving.

When they enevitably hit a cone they say that could have been someone child. Well any person that saw actual kids running around in the street and you had to weave around them you would put your phone down.

When is the last time you actually did the slalom course in your car. If you saw one coming (As you normally would see a turn in the road)you would probably put your phone down.

While I agree that it is dangerous to take your eyes off the road to do anything.

The statistic of 90% of teens failed the obstacle course as proof that texting while driving is meaningless.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biological Warfare

Combination #97166 that should never be consumed together. Bunch of Asparagus and a pot of coffee. My pee smelled worse then any fart or dump I have ever taken.

Consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

God's Country

Where exactly is Gods country? What is the definition? Where is it not? Is he not omnipresent? I heard this over the weekend while overlooking a farm and I wondered if the person had any idea that farms bastardize the land just like buildings do?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Shake it Off...2009

I had a feeling that 2009 was ruled by the devil and it looks like I now have proof.... YUCK

I am not sure why i hate them so much but I do.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Joe the Public Figure

When does a person cross the line from being a citizen with the right to privacy to being a public figure with no expectation of the right to privacy?

Our small little microcosm of the world has a few scandals going on with business men. Denny Hecker and Tom Petters.

There are some that say they have no right to privacy because they are the public figures of their respective companies.

But doesn't that beg the question if any one who works in retail as a public figure for a company then has their right to privacy waived?

Or is there a rank? Amount of times on TV? Number of quotes? Words published? Money earned that waives your right to privacy?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

War on ________ !

Today Minneapolis declared a war on potholes.

I wonder if this term describes the limitations of our lexicon or the limitations of our species?

Can we really only rally to solve big problems if we are in the mind set of violence?

Or do we just lack the fundemental words to describe people coming together to fix a problem?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Nutrition Challenge March 2010 - No Corn By-Products

Harder then you would think for the whole month of March the only corn you can eat is Corn raw or steamed as a vegetable.

In an effort to be more health conscience I am doing mini-food challenges with myself. This month is no corn by products. No chips, no sodas not pre-packages processed foods. It kind of makes going to the grocery store exhausting.


You can get a dui on a bike.

Why can't you get a dui in a wheel chair?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Is this an example of Irony?

We get visited frequently by our corporate counterparts around the country. This week I had my counterpart in the office from Sunny California.

As we took a break to step out to smoke he made a big production about getting two cups coffees to keep his hand warm in the *Explicative Explicative Cold*

As we went out side he quickly realized his folly since lighting and generally smoking requires the use of a free hand. He dumped his hot coffee and the ground and we enjoyed our little break.

After our meetings we went outside again.

Slipped on now frozen puddle of coffee and fell like a ton of bricks.

Ironic or not I am not sure when the last time I have laughed that hard at work was.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Does anyone remember the game Pitfall?

Thats what driving on a Minnesota pothole infested road feels like except you cant swing your car over the next hole on a vine.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Favorite Non-Nut

I know this is shocking to most people in fact this startling news fact may rewrite your entire snack history but a peanut is not a nut. It is a legume it belongs to the same family that beans do..that is all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

On Losing 900 Pounds

I took a walk on Friday. A short walk of about a block and and half down to the mailbox. I dropped three letters in the mailbox paying off the the remaining junk debt that I had. I can tell you it felt like I took 900 pound of weight off my shoulders and dropped it into that slot.

I felt lighter then air on the walk back. Like a balloon if I hadn't been holding my dogs leash I probably would have floated away.

It was a great feeling:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solving for X

In a galaxy long ago sat a little boy who relied on his intuition for decision making.
He wanted to know the formula for understanding life.
It's secrets
He wanted to know how the world worked and why.
So he went to school
He studied literature
He earned an impressive list of degrees and distinctions

He battled belief
He fought blind faith.

He looked for his formula

One night as he sat in his Quantum Analysis MBA Class completing a Hypothesis test he realized that in some respects he had returned to that place he began from.

He was that little boy filled with wonder at the world, hungry to know its secrets except this time he knew with certainty that nothing is known with absolute certainly

As he ran his model and stared at the P Value it returned he looked at it and smiled.

It sat there, an absolute value.

He found a formula

He tested a hypothesis.

The answer in front of him was wrong and he knew it with absolute certainty

He knew he would never know and it was the most enlighten moment of his 12 years of formal education.

What he has learned is far more important then any formula

He learned how to learn.

He learned the nature of X

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Story?

For most people it is wrtten by others.

Their feelings spelled out songs they relate too.

In mass produced greetings cards.

In parrot like quatation of others.

In the books that line the shelves.

We make heros out of DJ's who blend the anthems of our lifes in to party mixes.

But what is our story.

What is my story?

Where are my words?

My song.

Cheers to the creators of the words and those amoung us who know how to write our own scripts.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Being overwhelmed is an interesting feeling.

I think the root cause might be misaligned expectations where you expect things to be easy and manageable and when they are not you get this feeling like everything is crashing in on you.

Personally I enjoy being a little bit overwhelmed. It is a feeling that adds pressure to perform where you normally wouldn't. It means I have bitten off more than I can chew and I am stetching myself and my capacity to do more.

I am very excited for 2010 which is already off to a great start.

I am excited to be a little overwhelmed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend ReCap


Sweeny's in St. Paul for a little good time pre engagement party. Although I felt a little hustled in the end. If you ask your bartender if they have Redbull and they say they have redbull you should not get mad croc. If I ask for something by name and it is a premium you should get it or get told your other options. Just saying.

In bed @ 10:00 :)


Worked most of the day.

Went down to Harry's

Then to the Depot Bar Where I got to say Hello to Norm Coleman who was there for a wedding it was pretty cool despite playing for the other team he was a super nice guy.

Then to a special couples engagement party and had a blast. Pictures will be up soon and Congratulations the food and company was awesome.

Took the day off

Watched Couples Retreat - It was ok

Watched Zombieland and it was awesome probably has won a place in my top ten favorite movies. Loved it.

Cooked some Steaks for dinner and probably polished off about 5 bottle of wine.

Perfectly relaxing day exactly what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rule of Thumb #54223

Never eat, shop or visit a store or venue that relies on a person dressing up and standing on a street corner holding a sign to get you in the door.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Neighborhood Gem - First Course

Nestled in a little mini strip mallish building a few blocks from my house is a hidden little neighborhood gem. First Course. If you are ever on the South side and feel a bit sceptical about walking through the darkened small looking store front suck it up and walk in. You won't be disappointed.

I am still having a craving for some deep fried blue cheese stuffed olives.

Last night was just what the doctor ordered. No work, No school, Sexy company, lots of wine and good food in a perfectly relaxed environment.

Great way to kick off a weekend of festivities.

As a reminder for all of the people coming into town this weekend - No Parking on the Even Side. Park in front of our house the cops have started to be dicks with the new snow emergency rules for the rest of the winter. I think Minneapolis is trying to over come its deficit by ticketing and towing its way to financial freedom.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dream Manager

Just finished the Dream Manager and I am in hibernation mode planning my goals with a little different twist. This little quick read was kind of a good refresher on setting goals redefining on what direction I am going and why. I would check it out if you have the time.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Head & Shoulders

Does this name make anyone else shudder? I just envision someone with hairy enough shoulders that they actually need to take the take to shampoo and condition them.

When it gets to that point....just wax.

Now I know it is a tongue and cheek reference to being better then something else and state its goal of clearing dandruff off the shoulders but does that make it any better.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Talk About a Caged Elephant

"Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Money don't grow on trees.
I got bills to pay,
I got mouths to feed,
There ain't nothing in this world for free.
I know I can't slow down,
I can't hold back,
Though you know, I wish I could.
No there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Until we close our eyes for good".

- Caged Elephant

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Doctor: You must quit smoking, drinking, partying all the time, chasing women and staying up all night or you will never live to see a hundred.

Subject: But I don't do any of those things?

Doctor: Then why the hell do you want to live to be a 100?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Myth Busters Minnesota Style

When you live in the artic north you hear all kinds of rumors about the weather. A prevailing one happens to be that you should keep your gas tank full or it will freeze up in cold weather.

Well last night I was exhausted when I was leaving work and as soon as I left the office my pesky little gas light came on.

I was so tired I just wanted to go home and not stop.

So I decided to turn my laziness into a test since it would be -10 dergees F in Minneapolis during the night.

Would my car freeze?

Answer no it did not:) Although I didn't push my luck and let it warm up in the morning and probably took one of the coldest rides to work in my life.

Myth Busted.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Risk and Reward

When an investment is risky investors seek a greater level of return in compensation.

When a borrower is more likely to default the rate of a loan goes up to compensate for the additional risk.

Does anyone not see the correlation for bonuses at companies that have been bailed out?

Would you quit your guaranteed job and go work for a company that might go under in 12 months?

Possibly if the incentive was good enough....right...?

Get it?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Owl City Hated by 90% of Lightning Bugs

"Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach my how to dance"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend ReCap


Finished up an exhausting week of work and running on about a cumulative 6 hours of sleep for the week left work with a tired feeling in my whole body that can only be solved one

- Rented a Tux and took off to the Hilton for an Award show put on my Sexy in Minneapolis.

- Grubbed on some of the best food I have had in a long time.

- Partied and danced

- A-Bar in our room

- Blackout....beautiful blackout


- Denny's for breakfast

- Returned the tux

- Went to Tailgate @ had some chicken wings while watching the Gophers self destruct on TV

- Went home and Watched The Invention of Lying and I thought it was a great movie at least in concept all of the supporting actors seemed a bit off but other then that it was great.

- Finished the last 100 pages of Malcolm Gladwell's What the Dog Saw and even though I don't always agree with his take on items I immensely enjoy how he gets me to look at events from different points of view.

- Napped

- Went shopping for food so the last can of soup and half a box of pasta that were left in the cupboard would not be lonely

-Cooked up a huge batch of Vegtable stir fry

- Watched the Hurt Locker and man that was a great movie.


- Worked in the morning.

- Got ready for the Vikings game

- Watched the Vikings game.

- Off to bed to finally get some sleep before hell week part two starts again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day

Sometimes hump day seems more like scale everest day.

Work has been at about defcon 2 for the last three weeks with no signs of letting up and to be honest I am loving the challenge:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend ReCap

Friday - Culture Day January

Sexy in Mpls took me to dinner at Sea Change and to see Romeo and Juliet at the Guthrie. Great night out on the town reminding me why I love this city so much. Dinner was great, the play was ok but the whole experience was excellent and that is the whole purpose of Culture day to do something different and have a brand new experience.


Worked for several hours.

Read How to Lie With Statistics....great book. This little 100+ page book should be a must read in school. I think I am going to use some of the graphing techniques to help get myself a raise.

Cleaned the entire house

Cooked Dinner had some appetizers and cuddled up on the couch in front of a fire and watched Inglorious Bastards. I loved it.


Vikings baby!!! Sunday Funday started at home with some Chili and ended 30 miles away @ Teresa's in Mendota Heights. Yes my shirt was off for most of the night.


Went into work for a bit.

Read on the couch for a bit.

Chiseled and picked up dog pies out of the ice in my back yard.

Made some stir fry and just relaxed. It was beautiful thanks MLK.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Swear

If I was going to invent a swear word I would use "Fidgik" Pronounced like Fidget but with a Ka sound on the end.

I think it is strong, affirmative and it sounds kind of dirty.

The only apprehension I have it that it is two syllables and all my favorite classics are just one.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

With a Cherry on Top

Random babble

I know how this story ends but I am not going to tell.

Everybody always want to know the reason, the explanation. That way they can rationalize it. Put it in a box. Segment it out. Compare and contrast. Place it in a forced ranking....but this is not that kind of ending.

It never was.

It will end as random as it began.

Meaning and truth are two different spectrum's.

Window shopping

Once I was walking down the red light district.

Looking into the plate glass windows at the prostitutes selling there window display wares for unseen masters.

Cages made of concrete and glass that they are supposedly free to leave at any time but we all know they can't leave, not really.

If I told you that this observation was made walking through a wealthy neighborhood that was a glow in red Christmas lights was it all a lie? Was the meaning out of focus?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Games

I think I am going to invent a new game for the Wii balance board.

Sobriety Test Home Addition

Where you can get a group of friends and sit around taking shots and test your ability to pass a sobriety test before going into the field.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stop and Go

"That guy is really going places." You never really know if this is a slam or not. Where is he going? to jail? The wrong way? To the bathroom? We are all going places can you be a little more specific? Will he like it when he gets there? Is a tan involved?


Go getter, Go get her? Go get'r

Keep Going and Going

Go Jump off a Bridge

Go fly a kite

Go fuck yourself


Stop and relax

Stop drop and roll

Stop the maddness

Stop the volience

Stop and smell the roses about you go get her bring her here and I will stop and smell her roses.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Dr. Phil

Is an emotional pedophile.

He molests vulnerable people in tough situations.

And they grow to love their attacker.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Price of Drugs

We have a lot of people up in arms in this country about the price of prescription drugs.

They say, "We should pay the same amount of money for a pill in America that people in Ghana pay for the exact same pill."

We no actually you shouldn't because that pill reflects different costs.

1.) We are a bunch of litigation happy bastards in this country, if drug company A makes you a pill and it has a side effect you don't like, perhaps it makes your breath bad, turns your teeth black, kills you etc. If you are American you are probably going to sue. Maybe even trigger a class action lawsuit that will seek billions from Company A. What happens in Ghana? not the same thing. The risk in selling in our market is much greater and it is reflected in the price.

2.) Have you ever walked into a drug store in a foreign country? Bought some Viagra or pain relievers in Mexico? Did you need a prescription? Did they need to enter it into a huge computer system? Verify it with insurance companies? How many people were working behind the counter? Chances are you asked and you received said Viagra pill. All of the overhead, regulation and delivery systems in this country add to costs.

Basic economics.

Until you remove or reduce the barriers to supply and demand the pill will never be the same price. To make it the same price means everything becomes equal between the two places or something is being subsidized and we are just creating more headaches that are already more expensive for us to cure.

The fact that the same pill is cheaper in another Country is not that Countries fault. It is not the drug makers fault. It is our fault.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Best of?

Dealing with statistical anomaly's all day I tend to have a problem with people who publish list like The Best Music of 2009 or the Best Movies of the last decade.

It implies that you have surveyed the entire population of music and movies in that particular time period and are giving an informed opinion.

Chances are, if the category is that broad, you have not.

I could see if it was something like The Best Local Bands of Medium Sized Town USA or something like that but how many people are really qualified to pick the Best of these huge categories?

Whats wrong with just saying, "Best Movies I Saw in the Last 10 Years?"

This is why I am a huge fan of raw data. For example if you only saw 12 movies last year and you are giving me your top ten out of those 12 then chanced are there are just some ok movies in there because the sample size is so small.

To frame up my recommendations

I read 50 books a year my population size goes back to 2003 for a total of 350 books.

I watch 50 movies a year going back the same period for a population of 350. So when I give my top tens they are out of number which may or may not mean anything to you because when it is all said and done it is just an opinion.

I just think the readers should be informed to how well that opinion was made and based off of what.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome 2010 - Forward Looking Statement

So now I am 32 and here is the stock for this year....

Tier One:
Purpose expand my mind and horizons with new experiences and ideas.

Read 50 books

Watch 50 movies

Try 24 new Restaurants

Culture Day 1 once a month

Take three trips – Jamaica, North Carolina and Arizona

Tier Two:
Purpose remain relevant and employable building towards higher income and more stable employment.

Take 16 credits towards my MBA

Test for my six-sigma black belt

Tier Three:
Purpose upgrades and maintenance.

Build a patio

Put on a new roof

Wire the speakers in the basement and track out another TV splitter.

Tier Four:

Payoff $8000.00 in debt

Double savings

Tier Five:

Tennis Lessons

Golf Lessons

Keep the weight lose going with another 10 lbs off this year doing exactly as I lost the ten last year. Walking the dog, watching my mixers and eating better.