Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend ReCap

Friday -

Happy Hour
March Madness @ Rudolps, Liquor Lyles, Mortimers.


Read: Fooled by Randomness - The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and Markets, by Nassim Nicholas. I admit I enjoyed this book for the sheer fact that it makes you look at everything in the world again with a new perspective. Def. will provide material for several blogs in the future.

Watched: I am Legend. The second half of this movie sucked.

Went for a walk.

Picked up a half of winters amount of Cigarettes butts from my yard and smiled that this is the last time I will ever half to do this:) 90 Days:)

Tried a new Restaurant called: Rice Paper: Hated it. I have been too spoiled with Chaing Mai Thai to go back now. But that is the problem when you have only a limited budget for going out. You have to be creative where you go and sometimes it is a bust. Although other people seemed to enjoy it so maybe I was the only person who had crappy service and food, however I will not be going back o find out.

Tailgate for Karaoke.


Drove to Black River Falls WI, Drove back.

Cleaned out my car.

Watched: Micheal Clayton and it was the first George Clooney movie I actually liked since From Dusk till Dawn.

POP Fiction and Other Media Diversions

Has anyone seen this?

This show is at once a brilliant feat and my worst nightmare.

I enjoy the fact that we see people playing practical jokes on a celebrity obsessed culture.

But something fundamentally bothers me about tampering with the news. With creating a public deception. I am a big fan of the need for free society to have freedom of the press and integrity of the press. (Not there is much left these days.) But I have an extremely hard time with something that flaunts the manipulation of it.

But on the other hand I like that is shows people how fake\biased\controlled the news really is or at least what we think of as the news. I mean if Ashley can manipulate everything you see or read in Celebrity magazines think of what the Press staff of the White house can do with the rest of the news.

Either way I have a smile on my face and gut rot in my stomach when ever I think of this show and I know it is time to turn off the TV.

What do you think?

Should we be able to manipulate the media?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will The FED Please Come to the Front of the Class?

Subprime, Subprime, Subprime...Lenders should have known. More Regulation. Tighter Controls. These Banks were corrpt, unethical..etc. They ruined the economy.

Fuck Off.

Yes, we played a part.

Yes, Hindsight it 20/20

But where are the calls for the Federal Reserve to be overhauled? They played just as critical of a factor for the housing breakdown then any corrupt lender.

Ironically we are turning to the Fed who got us into this mess in the first place to fix it...???? WTF

See the Fed kept rates at historic lows. This created a housing boom. Condos were created at break neck speed. House built at an unprecedented level. Capital was so cheap it everyone had to get some.

Soon there was excess supply... which causes prices to drop. Prices lenders counted on to keep rising.

Interest was artificially capped by the Fed below the market rate to drive growth. When something is artificially priced low someone who could not afford it otherwise gets the chance to buy it.

Even with all the "exotic" mortgage products on the market if the rate was not kept artificially low by the Fed many of the people who bought beyond their means could not have afforded the mortgage they took out and a large section of this would not have happened.

So when you are applauding the Feds moves on Wall street and George Bush for helping families stay in their homes remember you are applauding the people who helped get you in this mess in the first place.

If they are taking credit for fixing the problem....they should also acknowledge their role in creating it....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I am Not a Fan of Charity

Tis that time of year when charities come out of the wood work to try to part you with your tax rebate in exchange for being part of some loosely defined movement known as a cause.

I am not against charities out right but I think they can harm society in immense ways. I think they can actually hold us back especially charities aimed at poverty. I can see charities aimed at illness since the expense of chronic illness is beyond the means of most people. Although I wonder if we took away the ability to through huge amounts of money at disease if we would see medical centers turn to a Wal-Mart approach to make money. Would we take care of our health better if we knew no one was there to bail us out? (I will save medical charities for another blog.)

Take this inventive charity for example: People donate used prom dresses to a charity that then furnished them to children who can not afford to buy nice dresses on their own but still "deserve" a "good" prom. I hated hearing about this Charity because I remember people who saved for prom all year, who bought dresses and it really hurt financially people who were in high school contributing members to their families bottom lines and still made it happen.

I wish I could do a control study over the next 20 years and take people who had income that is on par with each other and follow the person who took a charity dress and a person who didn't and see how they end up.

We have a problem with missing data we never see all of the great designers who could have existed if they faced this adversity and found strength to do something to change it.

People miss the chance of adversity to learn how to sow, design, come-up with creative alternatives. Tailors, Designers, Fashion Buyers, Seamstress wiped out by some do gooder on a mission to give people who deserve it a nice prom.

I am not saying we should not have social nets for society I am just saying that repeated handouts to everyone foster a culture with an air of entitlement, a culture that thinks they deserve something they didn't earn. People think being American give them a right to something.

They make you just comfortable enough not to try harder.

Adversity makes us who we are.

If live hands you lemons would you let them rot and become worthless because it didn't also give you a picture, sugar, a wooden stand, a sign and sell them for you?

Additional Items to Ponder:
1.) Do schools have a responsibility to make proms affordable?

My Boys

Friday picture....

Alfie on the left, Stoli on the right.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pork Watchers...Not That Kind You Perv!

Coming down to election time...just doing my part to educate where I can about what our elected officials are doing with our Money.

Check out the Pig Book. See where your money is going. Maybe you will join me to vote to stop it. Just check it out you know you are not really working anyway...

Don't let 2007 numbers fool you they have not changed spending habits with emergency appropriation bills there is more wiggle room to move money off the books.

Moral Support?

What the hell does that mean? I know it is different then physical support. I know it is way different then spousal support, but how Is it different from emotional support? Where you are helping someone through sorrow or worry by offering comfort? When you are giving me emotional support what are you really giving?

I supposed you could be giving me a hand on not stealing or applauding that I haven't whacked off in a few weeks...but do we really talk about and show support for stuff like this? I guess it depends on what your morals are and who you are supporting...

Somewhere at the base of this question is a thesis on what a moral really is....I just haven't dug that deep yet.

What is moral support? How is it different from emotional support? Really I am asking...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Death to My Imaginary Funeral

This might sound completely crazy but there were times in my life. When I would sit alone in my room and pretend that I had cancer or some other disease or infirmity. I would die this long painful death. I would want people to feel sorry for me. To say how brave I was. How hard I fought. To feel bad for me. I would give my death bed speeches to my minds phantoms and sit and listen to millions of fans granting me eulogies of greatness as the streets of Minneapolis were clogged with people going to my funerals. In some versions of this imagination I was killed and riots broke out all over the world in response to my death.

Crazy isn't it?

I only mention it because I was talking about funerals last night with someone and they said, "The size of the funeral equals the size of the man." I found it odd that I no longer felt that way. That my worth no longer depended on the sympathy of others or how many people graced by my casket. I no longer let them keep score for me. Let anyone but me define my greatness.

I walked into the darkness and I found something inside me.

I can't tell you what it is.

I can't show you.

I am the only one who can see it.

That is the only person who matters.

I no longer think of my death in such terms.

I have moved from wanting your pity and sympathy to earning your respect by being me.

(I just waned to record this as another step in some pattern of growth that has been transforming for so long that I finally became aware of.)

I was also shocked by how many other people also had these imaginary funerals...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mall + Drinking = Bad Idea

I actually heckled a cosmetic girl and her client yesterday who was having make-up applying make-up applied to her. I have no reason why. Wait I think it had something to do with a few shots and a snotty look I kept getting from them....

So I said..

"You got get in there with that shit" "Your never going to cover all that with that light of color" "Don't be scared to do multiple coats she needs it" "You must be new at this because you are not that good"

Ok it was mean, but ti was really funny to me. The look on their face was priceless

It was funny in my head till she started crying...

Then I got kind of mad though because they were being total bitches to everyone but then as soon as the tables were turned. They pulled the crying card...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Refreshment

Best Weekend In March happened back on the 8-10th. Yes, I tend to record all the events I do in a day planner. Mainly because I drink and forget...

Yes I know there is still one more weekend left but it will not be as great of a personal victory as this one. The weekend was 3 years in the making. A few of you will be able to read into this an know why :)

Friday Brian's Day of Beautification

- Dentist for Teeth cleaning - Wiped off the grime of 10 years of heavy smoking.
- Haircut @ Spalon (If you go give a shout out to Nicki she is awesome and might be my longest lasting female relationship probably because she only has to see me for a half an hour a month.)
- Tanning @ Goldentan Plus Tiffany was working so I got my brows waxed too.
- Dinner @ Bank
- Drinks @ IKES

Saturday- Fixed two outlets
- Reupholstered four chairs
- Fixed a broken handle on the washing machine
- Filled the bird feeders with some seed so the kitties had something to watch
- Got an estimate on a fence from Midwest
- Worked out
- Read
- Tailgate

Sunday - Homework
- Organized Closets to get ready for a spring Garage Sale
- Paid bills
- Cried (tears of happiness I paid off 6 of my 9 creditors)
- Watch We Own The Night Didn't like it one bit.
- Finished Reading To The Lighthouse by Virgina Woolf. I am not really a fan of Virgina Woolf's writing style but this was def. her best work I have read and I actually enjoyed it.
- Typed this blog
- Opened a bottle of wine
- Drank said bottle of wine.

The Borne Identity's Real Value

Sometimes I get mad at movies like the Borne identity. I wonder if the FBI or CIA is some how an executive producer on them. Uses them as form of propaganda to make Americans think they exist, that they are competent, powerful, fast, technology savvy and deadly. When in truth they could be anything but. That same jackass that sits next to you in the cube. You know the one who can't get the copier to work... He also works for the FBI.

CSI Miami is a TV show. It is fiction. But it has a great propaganda value in that it makes you think that everybody gets caught. You are probably less likely to commit a crime if you watch it. Marveling at the technology, the intelligence, the sophistication of the team.

You obviously have not visited or met anyone who actually works on these teams. Yes, their are some smart people. But they are not any smarter then your office team...and not any more productive either.

For example how many murders get away with it? TV Would leave you to think that they are all solved.

But a little googling will tell you that is definitely not the case.

In 2004 there were 16,137 case of murder or non-negligent manslaughter. Four years later 37.4% are still unsolved with no prime suspect. If 50% of all murders are committed between domestic partners where that is to say in 50% of all murder cases the suspect is known these agencies do a terrible job of actually catching anybody.
So if you believe the data you should go kill someone you are not in a relationship have a pretty good chance of getting away with it. (That was sarcasm)

What I hate about these shows, these movies is it has the effect of making a citizen afraid of the government. When really it should be the other way around.

I am always skeptical of people who take public service jobs that give them a gun and approval to use it.

I mean who takes a low paying government job? To me they are the scariest people. People who don't hold a objective standard. People who are motivated by patriotism *shudder* people who are motivated power by fighting terrorists....

But then what is a terrorist? Is the FBI a terrorist? The CIA? Gangs? The KKK? Your Book Club? Maybe one day the free thinking Knights of LETLAR will be considered a terrorist and they will come for me.

I don't really know where this rant is going. Just that I don't like these kind of movies and the influence they have on shaping our view of our government services. That seem more aligned to protect the government from us then us from them.

And we think it is just entertainment.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Shitty Way To Die...

Sorry couldn't help the title..

But of all the ways to die drowning in your septic tank has to rank as one of the worst..

What They Are Really Saying #45642

When people say, "All they did was talk about themselves."

What they are saying is that their own selfish need for validation was not met. They want the person talking to subjugate their selfish intention to the listeners selfish intention of talking about themselves. This is a good sign that you don't have enough in common and could not find the necessary middle ground of shared interest.

When there is not good conversational give and take it is a great sign to bail. If you like one-sided relationships you are definitely not someone I would like to hang out with.

People often say be quiet and let the other person do all of the talking. Fuck that. Why would I waste my whole night listening to your boring ass dribble on and on? I think people, guys especially, keep their mouths shut if their is a chance for sex at the end of it. The problem with this the sex with these people is usually one sided too... think know I am right.

I would rather have the give and take with someone on my level then waste one minute pretending it is already there...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Your Dating Leauge, Standard Deviations and Something about E-Harmony

We have often heard people say, "Whoa she is way out of his league." Which usually means that one of the dating partners is much more attractive then the other. However, the reality is that there are 100's or 1000's of leagues and you are in several of them at the same time. For example you may be in the great looking league but also in the dumb as a box of rocks league and in the generous league. Are you with me so far?

This explanation assumes that you grant a few common terms.

1.) That there are multiple leagues that people belong to. Income League, Attractiveness League, Humor League etc.

2.) That there are varying levels of how much someone belongs to one of those leagues. For example you can fall somewhere on a scale of 1-10. I am a 7 in looks btw.

Now here is how it all works. This is a fun experiment to do with your friends at a bar. Write on a napkin these ten things. (Or pick 10 others that are important to you order does not matter)

1.) Looks
2.) Humor
3.) Cleanliness
4.) Intelligence
5.) Income
6.) Manners
7.) Interests (Hobbies or things that make you interesting)
8.) Experience (Amount of things you have had to overcome)
9.) Attentiveness (How well you pay attention)
10.) Chemistry\ Personality

Now rank your self 1-10 in each
Have your friends do the same.
Take all the totals...come on you haven't forgotten all those Stats lessons have you?

Now you have a mean and also a standard deviation for each category. As well as a mean and standard deviation for the whole set.

Now when you go on your next date. Do a napkin for them. Rank them 1-10 in each category.

Breaking out the results... Now you can create leagues two different ways you can look at the score and mean of all of these combined or you can look at category levels.

For example a person scores 7 in all of the categories they get a score of 70

Say a simple standard deviation for our group is 5 my league a.k.a my matches mean that anyone who is a 65 to 75 is a match a.k.a my league(The more people you add the tighter this deviation gets)

So if I dated a 76 or a 64 they would be out of my league. Make sense?

When a dating site says they match the whole person this is exactly what they are doing. This is fine until you realize that person scored a one cleanliness and is a pig and higher in everything else so that you are a statistical match but not a compatibility match.

Or you can break it out by categories and have people say which ones matter most to you. Say looks and income. This has the same problem. You will over look the 8 other areas where you do not agree and drive each other crazy.

It is also important to know that at a category level a 5 and a 7 could be very different.

This is why you need to look at both when making your decisions.

This is why I like looking at my matches on say okcupid or or other such site amuse me so is telling me statistically who is in my league.

PS. I am not dogging on dating site quite the opposite, they do a good job of screening out people who are way out your league. Saving your time and if you are worth a salt you are probably pretty busy and they can be of great help.

You just have to know their limitations.

1.) They are only as good as the people they get to sign up for their service.
2.) Your match's are only as good as your answers. (You could have one question that you answered that could skew all of your matches, it is helpful to know where this could be and work around it.)
3.) It is helpful to do the napkin exercise to understand how all of this works. Use your napkin on the dates that you go from the services. This can help you identify your questions or areas that could be skewing your results and setting you up with duds...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Own Bribe

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Does that quote make you think differently about your rebate check?

Do you think it is odd that if you bribe congress with your money you would go to jail, yet they can bribe you with your own money and it gets them re-elected.

Make no mistake it is your money...they have only one way to earn

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feed vs. Eat

I have noticed with a little help I no longer eat. I feed like a animal. Mowing down what is in my trough with little thought to the actual enjoyment of what I am consuming. No enjoyment, just fuel for the machine. I am going to do something drastic for the month of April. I am going to eat every meal at the table....not the coffee table in front of the TV. My actual table, I am sure under the dust it is there somewhere. I am also flirting with the ideas of bringing back Sunday dinners.

I loved the concept of the movie the Last Supper where every week a different guest was brought over for a discussion. I promise I will not kill my guests.

I also will no longer be eating in my car.

I feel kind of weird. I am doing all of these Healthy things like not smoking or drinking soda. I am eating better working out and I am more of a hedonist now then I was before...

Even though the things I am doing now I would not have associated with pleasure before. Weird huh? I am actually enjoying life doing things I would have mad fun of you for just a little while a go.

PS. If Sunday dinners go good I will open them back up to a larger group.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

Weekend Stats

Hours Spent At the Bar: 20
Hours Spend Blacked Out: 6
Ruebens Eaten: 3
Having Green Mudbutt All Day on Sunday: Priceless

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Patrick's Day McGuilt

People who try to make you feel guilty for being selfish are trying to manipulate you into serving their selfish needs. They are in essence using your fear of being called or labeled selfish against you.

Don't let them. It is amazing how free you become when you remove this weapon from your adversaries.

You can sue me, you can put me in jail, you can take what you will from me, but you will never make me feel guilt.

I will never apologize for being my own person, for using my own judgment, acting with my own best interest at heart or surrounding myself with others who think the same way, forming symbiotic relationships where we all gain free of the parasites who bring nothing, instead of one person suffering for another's gain. This is not to say I can not have error of judgment this is to say I will not succumb to an error or be forced into a position based on someone trying to make me feel guilty.

People say that those who are unable to feel guilt for their actions are socio-paths, selfish, evil, the are narcissists who are unable to love anyone but themselves.

This is part of their leverage to get you to do what they want. Take that leverage away.

I don't care how I appear. What scandals are exposed.

I take away your ability to blackmail me into a life of misery, shame, forced remorse, faked regret.

I am selfish. I am also comfortable with myself. I am relaxed and happy:)

Friday, March 14, 2008

People Watching or Evil Experiment?

Can you believe that someone spilled the beans to my sexual partners case study groups?

The people were livid to say the least...or at least one of them was. Two of them actually thought it was sexy and asked if I would like to watch....which I may think about. But that was the point if they know it skews the results.

I don't know what the problem is I am not conspiring against anyone I am just monitoring the current trajectory you are already traveling.

Is it wrong to wager to myself about the outcomes of different events?

Would you be mad if I was experimenting with you?

Am I right to be pissed that this hussy has a big mouth? Shouldn't they really be mad at there best friends for passing along information on who they are sleeping with?

Now what am I going to do for the next year?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

See a Penny Pick It Up

I am always amazed at people who can walk by money on the street and not pick it up even if it is only a penny.

They say things like

"It is tails up and that is bad luck"

"It's dirty" as if it can not be cleaned

"It is not worth my time" As if they are getting paid to walk around.

"I focus on the dollars, not the cents"

"It is just a penny"

"My life isn't about money"

I just don't get it. To me there is no more tangible connection to expending effort and getting reward. To taking action and getting something in return. You do sit ups for free now at the gym, wouldn't it make it easier if I offered you a reward in and above great abs for bending over?

People say...

"People will think I am poor if I go out of my way for a penny"

"I don't bow down for anyone , now even Abe Lincoln."

I can tell you with high confidence that the debt to income ratio of the last two people is very high.

In my opinion there is no greater sign of wealth or future earnings then a person who knows that thought, action, the ability to do what you will regardless of what others think.

It's your ability to turn your effort into something tangible.

It may be just a penny.

But the decision to pick it up or leave it says a lot about your future. A crystal ball in the gutter people are afraid to rub.

Are you stepping over your future?

Find a penny pick it up...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mud Butt - Explained

Mud butt is a pooping phenomenon that is often brought on by several days of heavy drinking. It is different then diarrhea in the sense that there may be blood in the stool or your poop may be extremely dark. It is usually thicker then diarrhea but in no sense is it firm. You will go through no less then 40 minutes and a roll of toilet paper when combating mud butt and still require a shower afterwards.

Several things that can magnify the effect of mud butt are..

1.) Using excessive cola or red bull as mixers. (Try water with some lemons or limes as a mixer)

2.) Having nothing but greasy bar food in your stomach. (Get some good stuff in there like a nice salad, veggies and fruit)

3.) Forgetting that water is a drunks second best friend. ( Drink a few glasses throughout the night)

Mutt butt is an unpleasant experience and should be avoided at all costs.

If you are unable to avoid it look for extra thick or triple ply toilet paper and keep a few disposable luffas on hand.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When Harry & Harry & Harry Met Sally

Supposed that Harry is right and that heterosexual men and women can never just be friends. There is always a sexual current below the surface.

What does this say about a girl who has only guy fiends? Who choices to surround herself with people whose intention is to sleep with her?

Well in true Brian in Minneapolis fashion I am conducting a large experiment. My first joint social experiment around the hypothesis: A woman who has a majority of only guy friends will have more sexual partners then a woman who has a majority of girl friends. <- Please notice I am not attaching any value statements to that I happen to like women who are empowered enough to make their own sexual choices even if it is in the face of society.

Nine subjects have been selected and the experiment will be running this March 14th 2008 to March 14 2009. How will I know what the results are? People who are in the confidence of the subjects are going to report back.

An alternative theory is that: Women who have a majority of male friends understand how men's minds work better and will have less sexual partners over the course of a year as they are more educated and informed. Reasons given for this theory are that a girl who goes out with other girls will get approached more then a girl who is out with a group of guys.

Subjects: All single 25-30 years old
3 - Have majority guy Friends
3- Have majority girl Friends
3 - Have a pretty split mix this is our control group to see if there is any correlation.

What do you think the results will be? Who will have slept with more people? Can you hold it for a year to find out?

Breaking Up With Friends

Anyone else think it is weird that we do not have break-up protocol for friends? Most of the time they just kind of drift in and out like breezes in our life. Like we owe more of an explanation and a formal act of finality to the cum-dumpster we saw for a few weeks then we do to some one we spent years with growing with.

I mean my friends never make unreasonable demands, they never say you can't have other friends, they don't expect too much, they like to hang out and have fun, they tend to bring booze when they come over and they usually chip in when it is time to foot a bill. Yet, I can go for weeks without calling them they never complain.

I admit sometimes it is necessary for you to break-up with them. Like when you walk in and they are doing "things" to your pets or if they are stealing from you or other such stuff. I my friends get away with murder before I end the realtionship while I have left people, I have formally ended relationships with women, because they talk funny.

I don't really know where I am going with this....It just stuck me as weird when I was thinking about it today.

1.) Do you break-up with friends?
2.) Does sex make the difference of who we need to formally break up with?
3.) When does a relationship friend or otherwise require a formal ending?
4.) How do you break up with a friend?
5.) Why would my standard of friends be different than my standards for who I date?
6.) Why do some realtionships require formal start and stops and others don't?

Maybe this is a dumb thing to waste a day thinking about, but it is just one of those customs that seem to bother me...

Like there is something bigger at work underlying the whole thing that I can not quite touch on yet.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Did Any One See That?


In this country we do not allow people to be convicted of crimes on hearsay. We do not allow people to rot in jail because I heard through my best-friends sisters uncle that he knows a guy who knows a guy who saw you do it. We require proof. Witnesses. Evidence. First Hand accounts.

Can you imagine a world were you don't need these things? Where you can make up stories about your enemies, political rivals, neighbors and they are taken as fact without evidence? Would you want to live there?

Yet most people do live there. At least part time. At least an hour on Sunday.

In all seriousness this coming Easter as you are sitting and listening to church sermons, prayers, rituals of the Resurrection. Pick up a bible and read it. You will notice that no where in any gospel are there any first hand accounts of anyone witnessing the Resurrection. No one saw Jesus actually rise from the dead.

If you came to accept that the Resurrection was only an allegory, would that change your faith? I just find it interesting that the need for logic and proof and the suspension of it seem to exist in so many peoples lives without the slightest feeling of contradiction.

Interesting isn't it?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Analyst Abuse

"With gasoline futures having gained some 30 cents over the last few weeks, and the summer driving season yet to be priced in, analysts say gasoline prices will climb substantially over the next couple of months and will likely top $4 a gallon in many areas by mid-May." This is a recent clip cut out of a CNN article. I am sure the fox version of this had it at $5.00 a gallon.

What bugs me about this statement?

1.) Who are these analysts? How did they get to this figure?

2.) People don't understand that the numbers that papers print is the highest value given by the analysts. The truth is the mean number they predicted is around $3.39 the highest was $4.02 big difference on a per gallon basis.

3.) The papers should print the range and the mean estimates so people can make their own decisions.

4.) They do it to scare people and I think it is not responsible. My grandma starts to get scared and I don't like that. True it is not a lie, it is just not the truth.

5.) If you print predictions you should have to print the source. In my opinion it is a crime to make these predictions and be able to hide behind them. It is market tampering in my opinion and should not be protected by Freedom of the Press.

6.) The should also have to print how often this analyst has been right in the past. His perdicton batting average if you will.

7.) I also wish people just knew how much fluxuation there can be in three months. If Iran nukes someone in the middle east prices could go $15 dollars a just never know.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Ever wonder why ATM's sell stamps?

I did so I went to find out why.

Here is the information I discovered from a bank insider.

1.) They collect a small margin on the stamps which I am told barley covers the cost of ink to print them. (I guess they are manufactured right inside the machine and when it says stamps are not available it is because of ink)But they do make something on it.

2.) Another reason. Data collection. They are segmenting and collecting information on who does not use Bill Pay at the Bank so that they can target that client segment to upgrade their accounts. Some banks like Wells Fargo for example charge $6.95 a month for bill pay for those customers who do not keep a certain balance. This is the segment of the population that they want to solicit and add greater fee revenue.

Although I figure couldn't they just query their own database? Look for accounts under $1000 or what ever the minimum is and that do not have Bill Pay?

I understand the logic it just doesn't seem to be a good answer to me. Not a lot of profit and an easier way to get the information exists. I also find it a little creepy that they may be collecting information like this, I understand it might make my life easier but it still creeps me out.

Does anyone have a better answer why they sell stamps in ATM's, I am just not satisfied.

By the way please do not say "ATM Machine" it is just an ATM no need to added the redundant machine on the end. You wouldn't say do you have an "automatic teller machine , machine?" Which is exactly what you are doing when you say "ATM Machine"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I dive into waves of sheets
Leaving a tsunami of pain
Panty pealing lies
Whispered into wanting ears
Roaming hands
Caress unassuming flesh
All the way down to your feet
I love the way you taste
Or was that your roommate?
Missing articles of clothing.
Used condoms waiting to be found,
At all the wrong times.
Sign at the door
Says no black lights
It is not a joke
White sheets hide the lies,
The filth,
That I throw your body on.
Did I lock the door?
What’s my story for the night?
Formations of deception
Tearing down protective walls
With battering rams
Pulled hair
Bitten napes
Two fingers deep
In your tight ass
Bar Close
No Clothes
Lip Rolls
Curled Toes
Told you just what you needed to hear
To get you back here

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

OPP - Other People Pictures

I don't know why but I hate looking at other peoples pictures. If I am not in them and the people who are in them are not hot enough to fantasize about why bother looking? I don't want to see them and I don't really care. I think it is rude when people plop an album down and expect me to give a shit about their last trip to Wichita or their nieces four year old birthday party.

If you want to leave them out out and I choice to pick them up and start looking at them because I am that bored with you that is one thing but nothing gets me hotter then having an album shoved in my lap and being forced to feign interest.

In this case I am not down with OPP.

Save the pictures for Grandma. We are at a point in our lives when we should still be taking them not sitting around reminiscing so lets go out and make a memory and break the shoe box out when when are on our death beds.. but not a day sooner.

I wish we could just come to terms that what is a big deal for me might not be a big deal for you and likewise. This doesn't mean we are not friends or I don't like you. Just that I don't want to spend the little time we are together competing about who has the better life when we are apart. Sometimes I feel like that is what we do and I am done..

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Retreat

This weekend I solidified my appreciation for life and some of the choices I have made lately. It is amazing how much thinking you can do when you are driving for eight hours...

Quiting smoking was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am now over the hump of 2 months and feeling great.

I have been working out and eating better I have lost 7 pounds in two months and feel good.

This weekend I also took some time to find some inspiration in the world around me.

I read, In Defense of Food: An Eaters Manifesto, by Michael Pollan. Despite some strong anti-industrial undercurrents and glorification of a few far reaching theories, it was a good book that I am glad I read. Something I know I Will still be digesting a few days from now. (Sorry I couldn't help that)

It is def. a book anyone who is on a diet or looking at the nutritional value of their food should check out.

I also drafted plans for two possible implementations for my next patent. I am pretty excited for this one it seemed so simple after the fact I couldn't believe I have never thought of it before... ok that is a teaser but I promise to share once I get the provisional back.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too:)

A Reasoned Mind Stands Alone

I am often asked why there are no atheist clubs or central books or meetings and rituals, or collective practices and views.

A person who is already an atheist can see the answer in the statement above.

There is none of these things because it is the opposite of the collective, of group think, of subjugation and suppression. It is the awakening of a person to see and think for themselves. To view evidence and make logical inferences. It is independent individual free people exchanging ideas with one another.

A reason man stands alone. Not behind shelter of the group. It requires courage. Action. Self Reliance. Confidence. The ability to trust in your own abilities and strength.

These things are so second nature to the reasoned mind that they are matter of fact and rarely are even aware to the person. Who can't even comprehend why someone would take all their gifts of choice of freedom of thought and turn them over to someone else.