Thursday, April 30, 2009


People in the United States who died of the "regular" flu last year: 36,000

People in the United States who died of the AID's virus last year: 14,000

People in the United States who died of an allergic reaction to aspirin last year: 5,000

People in the United States who have died from Swine Flu: 1

And we are talking about closing schools, restricting travel etc. Does this seem a little out of step with reality?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Half Earth Tonight

The visible sliver of the moon that was out last night was beautiful. I always enjoy staring off into space, it seems to put everything in perspective. How insignificant my problems and all of the rituals of life we feel we need to follow really are. I imagine myself standing on the moon and watching the waxing and waning of the earth. Oh, it is a half earth out tonight or oh my look its a full earth tonight. Its blue reflection echoing in space. I don't know why I find that thought so peaceful and beautiful but I do.

My life is a grain of sand on a timeline that wraps around the earth 5 times.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LMN - Million Tears by Brian Johnson

Here is the gist of my screen play\crappy book made for the LMN

The movie opens with an attractive couple madly in love.
(The man is a glass blower and there is a knock off of the pottery seen in ghost)

The woman is quickly and tragically killed

The man in morning locks himself in his studio and creates a vase that is a montage to his love.

As he cries into the vase his love is returned from the dead.

As word of this amazing feat gets out two powerful leaders one who is morning the loss of his love and one whose wife is dying try to take the vase.

A huge fight occurs with lots of people dying.

The man must between destroying the vase and killing his wife or letting the blood shed and chase continue.

In the end the glass blower and his wife kiss as he lets the vase fall from his hand and shatter on the ground.

*Fade to black*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend ReCap


Watched Marley and Me....and I am going to confess I was sitting watching it with my little puppy and cried like a baby.


Woke Up


Cleaned the gutters

Cleaned out my car

Shampooed the house and my car

Went to the post office

Laundry - sheets - rugs - clothes

Fixed my rear taillight

Tried one last failed attempt at reconnecting the wires to the garage

Went to Tailgate to Watch the Twins Game...Punto might be the best bunter alive.

Sat through Baby Mama for some reason probably one of the worst movies ever created.


Went into work for a few hours

Watched the Twins go down.

Watched the Wrestler damn another great movie.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saying Update

Isn't spit off the old cock more accurate then chip off the old block?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Welcome

Ahhh it is Friday. This week has been nuts, work has been busy, I have been following around some strange creature that likes to chew everything, said creature also likes to wake up several times during the night to go to the bathroom, but screw it it is Friday and all of that is not going to matter in 7 hours when I will be working on a slight buzz for the weekend :)

Have a good one :)

Bizzio out

Thursday, April 23, 2009


"It was like someone pulled the pin on his mind grenade and all I could do was watch the explosion of creativity and thought." - Brian Johnson

It is so rare to see genius that when you see it you just have to appreciate its power.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thing Not to Say #876001

"How come you have so much pubic hair on your face?"

Especially when you are by yourself and he is with a large group of people.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And They All Fall Down

Life's Ocean

Life's Atlantic crossing. If you boat capsizes when you can still see shore it is not a big deal. Like when you are young you can rebound better from catastrophe.

When you are old you have the same thing you can see the other shore. It won't be longer now. it is almost over.

But what happens when you flip in the middle?

How long can you trend water with no hope on the horizon.

Tired in life's shipping lane with help passing just out of reach.

Sometimes we hang on to debris floating by for a little break, little plastic bottles of Karkov water wings.

Sometimes we are lucky and get picked up.

Sometimes we find others boats to tie up to.

Some time people find us and give us more weight.

Sometimes people just stop treading.

There have been several incidents in the last few years of hardship leading the head of a household to kill all of the members of the household and while I would never condone that kind of behavior I understand the feeling feeling behind it. The constant emotional fatigue from stress and worry. I am thankful for the people who stopped their boats and picked me up. I wish everybody could be as lucky as I am.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Electrical Riddle

Ok so I cut the power to my garage putting in the fence

There are 4 identical black wires that run underground from my house to my garage. All same color, gage, etc.

With my multimeter I discovered which is the hot wire. (I originally assumed that I had 3 hot wires and a ground)

But there is a hot, dead line, neutral and ground.

My plan try the hot wire to each of the four cut wires and see when power comes back on seal it off and then try the next wire to each of the three remaining and so on...except after I ran through the hot wire to each of the four there was still nothing...

So I thinking there is an additional fuse that is blown somewhere or my connectors are not the right size for the ten gage wire?

Took apart every box and could not find another fuse anywhere in the line or garage panel and nothing :(

Tried all new connectors and nothing :(

How do you test three dead wires for the ground withough digging all the way to the box?

Weekend ReCap


Drove to Spicer MN to pick up a puppy:)

Had some people over for a puppy party.


Tried to fix my electrical problem :(

Got frustrated and went to Tailgate.


Sally's on Campus for breakfast.

Followed a dog around for 10 hours making sure he wasn't chewing anything he wasn't supposed too...I am exhausted...I think my longest un interrupted period of sleep has been 3 hours in the last two weeks..

Introducing Bentley

7 week old chocolate lab.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


He cracks me up how ravenous he gets about Chris Brown's abuse of Rihanna. Doesn't he earn and owe his entire worth on this planet to the fact that he emotionally and verbally abuses celebrities day in and day out?

I think it is always amusing when people who constantly tear people down start to get chivalrous when the see other people doing the same thing.

Fenced In

Fence is up and in now I just have to rewire the power to the garage I snapped putting in the posts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Travel Suit

Journal Entry - Sunday 4-12-2009
(I rarely publish journal entries since they are mostly incoherent babble but I just wanted to benchmark this feeling for the record)

Traveling is like trying on different lifestyle suits. You get to see life in a new light, a new style, a new fit. It stretches your entire minds horizon. Multiplies possibilities, opportunities and options.

It is early and I am on a deck over looking the desert with Palisades road in the distance. I can hear the bikers exhaust rattling through the valley. It is a beautiful sound something like freedom.

There is a snake fence on this deck and find that a little alarming, not as alarming is the wild fucking pigs that are roaming around in the front yard at night but enough that I am alert, not in a scared way more in a I wish I could see a rattle snake in real life way.

I feel relaxed in deep and meaningful way. In a way I have not felt in a long time. Like my essence is at ease. Like I have been shedding this confining suit piece by piece for years and it is almost off. I can breath. I can feel wind and coolness on my skin. I am alive.

Some random thoughts on planes...

I wonder if anyone ever plays ding-dong ditch on flight attendants? When the people in front of them are sleeping just reach over them and hit the button then quick duck down and pretend to sleep?

Why can't black boxes have video? Wouldn't that be helpful? If they can have an external mic why not an external video? or broadcast wirelessly? You always see these people huddled over the black box listening to sounds you would think one of them would just put a camera there so they know what was causing it?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

AZ ReCap

Partied at the house in Fountain Hills.

Laid out by the pool swam, burnt while we waited for everyone to get into town.


Drank all day, swam.

Went to the Saddle Ranch for some mechanical Bull Riding:) (I will throw the picks on Facebook when I get a My legs are still bruised!!


Went to the Salty Senorita for Birthday drinks:)

Went to Bracketts for Drinks. (I think that was what it was called it was super chill across the street from the Rusty Spur)

Went to Dinner @ South Beach

Drinks @ Old Sports Bar


Drove to Carefree and Cave Creek for the Biker Pub Crawl.

Hide-a-way, Horny Toad, Silver Spur, Buffalo Chips, ???, ??? (I think there was a few more but I can't remember.

Came too at the Casino...big


Chilled at the house all day and enjoyed some nice steaks. (I need to get my grill out all of this grilled food has me itching for more.)

Read The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga and loved it great book.


Laid out till it was time to fly back.

Thanks for a great trip everyone that was a blast!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ultimate Revenge?

Is tobacco the ultimate revenge for the genocide of the Native Americans?

The say revenge is a dish best served cold....which after 400 years old this dish is probably sub zero.

Sitting at the Casino out in Arizona I couldn't help wonder if there was a secret Native American counter somewhere that is keeping track of all the people who die from smoking.

I wonder if they will have\had a party when the number of deaths from smoking passes the number of Native Americans killed in the past 400 years?

Is there a statue or secret hero who is worshiped for giving the new settlers tobacco?

It is a double whammy sitting at a table throwing money away on black jack smoking cigarettes that are $8 cheaper a carton because you don't have to pay taxes on them. Even if you don't smoke at the casino you still smoke at the casino.

Just a thought...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing - FOUND:)

16 hours 100 flyers 5 miles and Stoli is ok:) Now I am off to get pissed up

I am ready to bath the streets in blood. One of the few things I love in this entire world is gone and I am sick to my fucking stomache. Stoli where ever you are I love you and I would trade one of my limbs or better yet all of the limbs of the person who did this too you, just to see you again. What a way to end a vaction.

Friday, April 10, 2009


One of the surest signs it is spring has nothing to do with the buds on trees or the rain or slightly warmer temps. The first sign I know it is spring is when I see people on the golf course.

Today I saw it...then I remembered I am in Arizona and they golf all year, it is 80 degrees and I am in shorts and hot:)

Man it feels good:) My pastey skin baking in the long forgotten sun. I might be beaten up, broke, stressed out but none of that matters when you are surrounded by freinds, sun and a bottles of sailor jerry.

Quote of the Day "When you argue with reality, you lose - but only 100% of the time."
-Byron, Katie


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bipartisan Cluster Fuck

I find it amusing that republicans I talk to tend to blame the entire housing crisis on the democratic decision of Bill Clinton to end redlining. Yes the decision to lend to less then credit worthy borrowers to ensure the home owner experience played a part in the housing collapse. However it was only a passive measure. It required lender to lax the standards for people that sought them out.

The second part of this mess turned the passive measure to an active ingredient in the collapse. When the republican George Bush passed the new bankruptcy laws that allowed credit companies to collect judgements for non-securitized debt. This turned lenders from passively having to accept non-credit worthy loans to actively seeking to make those loans\credit offers since they now had a way to collect payment even if the borrowers defaulted.

Borrowers who now find themselves in credit card trouble have to pay the credit card companies before they pay their mortgages increasing the number of defaults exponentially from what they should have been.

It really is a two party fuck up and both measures should be repealed.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Iowa? Really?

Can you believe Iowa is now ahead of Minnesota in gay rights?

Not that I have anything against Iowa it is more of a dig against Minnesota...remember we used to be a progressive state?

I just can't believe it.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Golden Parachute?

Lets say a there is a CEO of a company, this company is losing 1 billion dollars a day. You need to get rid of the CEO but formal board review meeting can take 30 to 60 days to complete. (Not to mention if the CEO tries to fight it or stall it with lawsuits etc.) Every one of those days you you are losing a billion dollars. If I offered the CEO $100 million dollars to leave today am I doing the right thing for the company?

Hell yes I am. What I think people fail to realizes is that the worse a CEO is doing the more incentive there is too get rid of him quickly and without a fuss.

You hear all of this bullshit about they paid millions of dollars to this executive who ran the company into the ground and lost money (people are actually outraged)... they paid that to get him the fuck out of there quickly so they have a shot at saving the company.

A large golden parachute is not a badge of honor it is an amount of money equal to how much the board thinks you are a fuck up and the company is better without you.

It is why people pay alimony or large divorce settlements..the cost is worth it to stop the bleeding of cash and terminate a rotten relationship as fast as possible.

I guarantee you if you look at the correlation the bigger the pay out in a divorce settlement the bigger the bitch of a woman involved and the more relived the man to settle and be done with her. Companies are no different.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend ReCap


Day of beautification
(Hair cut, Tan, Eye Brow Wax)

Since it looked like the only nice day of the weekend I prepped the yard for the fence posts going in on Monday.

Rerouted gutter drains.

Trimmined back bushes.

Marked private utility lines.

Watched Slumdog Millionare. This was a great movie.


Home work

Went to Sensors for the Game.



Friday, April 03, 2009

Too Much Pop

As I was looking for my keys this morning (A regular occurrence) I started singing the Pussycat dolls song, "I hate this part right here" over and over again eventually it culminated in a roger rabbit dance and I just started cracking myself Hey it is Friday.

Word of the Day: Acosmism - Been reading on about it lately and find it fascinating.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

What Men Want vs. What Women Want

What men want and what Women Want - Something about finally understanding what a healthy relationship is all about.

The model below is not my own it is a model I picked up in a Interpersonal Communications Class and it is extrapolated to fit the relationships of men and women.

For a long time I assumed this was complete bullshit but the more I ponder it the more I realize this might be the key that every man and woman longing for a healthy relationship is looking for.

1.)What Men Want_______> To be needed
2.)What Men Want Women to_____> To be happy
3.) It's a mans job to________> Love her

4.)What Women Want _______> To be cherished
5.)Women want men to _______> Be Present
6.)It's a womans job to______> Test her man

First I would like to think of what men and women think of these answers.

Let me know if you need any of these clarified as to what they mean.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Brian's 120 Project Status Update

March 120 List

Furnace Tune Up
Water Heater Tune up
Clean Furnace and water heater lines
Wire House for Wireless Internet
Fix Leaky Faucet
Fix Stopped Drain (Had to have a plumber get a shampoo lid out)
Russian Art Museum
Spill the Wine
Complete Portfolio for School
Register for next classes
Pay-Off Premier Bank
Pay-Off MBNA - (Technically I settled on this account for 20 cents on the dollar but at least it is done)
New Direct TV box
Clean the tub
Get satisfaction notices from Paid off Creditors
Send satisfaction notices to Credit Reporting Agencies

I know I realize this is only 18 for the month but since I doubled up on classes in March and had to work two weekends I only planned one for every other day.

Progress: So far this year....(We are roughly 25% into this year) Brian Johnson Project Status: Green

Books read: 11 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 22% (Only read one book for fun this month, school was a lot of reading so I got kind of behind)
Movies Watched: 16 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 32%
Debt Paid Off : $4,512.00 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 45% (Ok so technically I settled a $1000.00 lien for $200 but I am going to count the thousand since it is now satisfied)
New Restaurant and Bars Tried: 12 - Percent Complete of Year Goal 50%
Classes \ Credits Completed 2 Class for 8 Credits - Percent Complete of Year Goal 40%
Working Out - Done 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.
-Working out took a hit in the second half of the month I also smoked a few more times then I should have :(

Weight Loss _17____ Starting Weight ___230____ Ending Weight___213_____