Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Cut Poem

Here is another one that got pulled from the book.....I hope you all enjoy it...although I am starting to wonder how watered down this is going to get

My Evil Twin Sends His Sincerest Death Wish

Many a problem could be solved by simply,
Holding it under water,
Until the bubbles stopped coming up.
Feel the water rush in your mouth
Quench my thirst
Breath it in for daddy
Fill your exasperated lungs with liquid silence
Its safer for everyone.
Then non-sense fueled by your wind
Let it lie
Like a man trying to sleep with a woman
To notice the words of a whore
You only have to
Stop staring at her tits
Listen to the vibration
Trapped in a bubble
Floating to the surface
From the lips of the woman
Whose feet are nailed
To the bottom of a filling pool.


Brian in Mpls said...

Three guesses who this is

k6 said...
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k6 said...

A War Within

Sometimes it's not only the tits that can get you in all this non-sense...It's like the Tits get together with your only soldier and form a nefarious alliance...An alliance so powerful they plot and kill all the valuable intelligence gathered...

Even though she is nailed to the bottom of a pool, stand on her head and listen to the bubbles erupting on the surface...Listen for that last feeble attempt at sincerity...

It does not matter how many heads you have to stand on for advancement...Smile, because your head and chest remains above the water...You are still able to breathe freely and move gaily forward...

Frown, because the Waist will always be controlled by a treacherous solider...A soldier that loves to swim in shit, and loves to bunker down in any crevice... One that doesn't care about how big or small the circumference is...

Remind yourself that you can never let a soldier convicted of past treachery take complete command of this man's army...