Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dark Colors Attract Heat

I had a door to door salesman come by yesterday asking if I would like to reduce my heating costs by purchasing darker color shingles, since darker colors attract and retain more heat.

As I slammed my door shut I thought about that for a second....by that logic shouldn't evolution have evolved lighter skinned people around the equator and darker skinned people around the poles?


Rocketstar said...

But it is not the heat that is most important, it is the radiation of the sun so folks on the equator evolved to have darker skin which is more resistant to sun burning.

Actully, if that dud e was thinking he would try to seel shingles that became darker as the air got cool and lighter as the aior got hotter thus heating the house up int he winter and keeping it cool int eh winter.

Jenn'fer said...
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Jenn'fer said...

Back in the summers of leisure (which for me were the summers between 7th and 9th grade, before I could get a job), I would spend most days at Colleen Moren's house a few blocks away. I would arrive by 9:30 or so, we'd watch wheel of fortune or something like that, fix lunch and head out to her backyard for "tanning" (Yes, this was in 1979 when coconut oil was the name of the game and before we knew the sun was trying to kill us.) She had two blankets - one light and one black - and we would always argue about which one was best for tanning. I argues that the white blanket was better becasue it reflected light (ala Radar's mirror board on MASH), and she argued that black was better becasue it attracted more light... because of course touching the heat of the black blanket proved her point. I still think I was right, but of course, have no need for the information anymore, at least as it relates to "tanning"... In fact, I still call sunblock "suntan lotion"... long live coppertone SPF 2!