Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Polling Locations Bias Individuals

There was an interesting passage in the book Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow that gave me a little pause.

It was referring to a study where school referendums were on the ballot and results for the elections. It was

showing the difference in the voting results based on the location where the ballot was cast in a school or

non-school location and the results were that a person was much more likely to vote yes for the referendum

if they were voting in a school than if they were not.

I thought this was particularly interesting since this year Minnesota will be voting on whether or not to

constitutionally ban gay marriage….and my polling place happens to be in a church…I would image that

this scenario is played out where there will be several percentage points who will be persuaded to vote yes

based on where the polling location is taking.

If you aren’t able to post political commentary near polling places how does that reconcile holding a polling

location where the location itself is a symbol for the initiative?

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