Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brian’s Plan for Gun control

Before you read this I want you to know I am mournfully sorry for the people of Newtown. My heart broke seeing the stories and I am sorry for your loss.

It looks like we are fully into blame mode and looking for a culprit. 

Looks like that culprit is going to be high capacity weapons.

Before we go down that path too far I just want to throw out a different perspective.

I live in the city. I own guns. I think it is ok to own guns. I think it is even ok to own the guns like the ones they keep flashing all over the news. I am not a hunter. I think it is a lame line to say stuff like why would a hunter need a 30 round clip? The purpose of these guns is to kill people, a lot of people. And that can be ok. If you ever have the chance to witness panic and violence in a crowd or realize that hungry and cold “nice” people can get real mean real quick you might change your mind too.

Safety from crowds of people wishing to do you harm is part of the appeal. For every mass shooting that has occurred you can find just as many examples of situations where a single person may have to defend themselves against a large crowd. 

If I find myself or my loved ones in this situation I hope I have options other than a bolt action .22

That said I am against banning any weapons.

However, I am all for regulating them and with that I give you: The Brian Proposal

1.) Buying a gun should entail at least the same amount of regulation that goes with buying a car.

a. You take a written test.

b. You take a practical test.

c. You pass an eligibility test.

d. You get liability insurance per each gun.

e. You pay for a permit.

f. You redo this every ten years.

g. It becomes a criminal offense to have an uninsured gun.

2.) Just like regular insurance you get a break on your insurance if you can prove the following

a. You have your gun secured in a safety device \safe of some kind

b. You have an alarm system

c. All residents in your property have taking a written and practical test

*This will lead to more guns safely stored preventing them from being mishandled or accidently discharged in accidents. Using the cost of insurance to drive behavior could have a profound impact.

3.) Using a portion of the fees from insurance, tests and permits the city will set up an aggressive gun buyback program. This will be an anonymous program where a user can turn in a gun and get a $100 bill no questions asked. These programs have been successful especially in crime ridden neighbors hood and getting guns that are in dangerous working conditions off of the street.

The net result of these few steps leads to more guns being stored securely and more guns being taken off the street. While this is not a 100% solution it moves society in the desired direction without imposing on people’s rights. By imposing the insurance premium on people that progresses with each gun they own you can also nudge the stockpiling of weapons in the opposite direction.

As part of this deal the republicans have to also agree to stop using conflicting arguments

If you are going to say outlawing thing doesn’t work …please apply that same logic to all of the other stuff you are constantly trying to abortion, gay marriage, marijuana etc.. try to makes it a little more consistent..mmmmkay

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