Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ass and Lips

Something is not right
Like that scatchy feeling
You get when you don't wipe
Good enough
You don't want others to know
It is bothering you
You don't want to get caught
Trying to wipe away the forming stain
So you let it sit
It bothers you
You try to disspare of it discretely
But someone sees you
They tell everyone
Suddenly you are a monster
When you should have just
Wiped the shit off better
In the beggining
Why care about the shits feelings
Take care of it
Why is the ass wiper the monster
And not the town crier?

Lesson I learned this week: Don't spare the shits feelings get rid of it in the begginging as soon as you know it doesn't feel right. Dont tell anyone shit. And distance yourself from the people who make pubic shit what should be private shit...Who gossips with you gossips of you, a lesson I need to heed as well.

To everybody who has protected my anonymity even when it would have be advantagous for you not too I love you more then I am capable of showing.


jess said...

ok, so i thought you were kidding when you told me you were going to write this....well put though, private shit is private shit. my thought has always been if you're not a part of the problem or a part of the solution, unless someone asks you to make it your business...
its probably nunya biz...death to the town crier!

theresa said...

whatever happened sounds like it was no good. those situations suck. hopefully it doesn't get blown out of proportion too much. :hug:

Brian in Mpls said...

Something about the term blown out of proportion and poop made me laugh out

theresa said...

hee. that's what I'm here for


Anonymous said...

"Who gossips with you gossips of you, a lesson I need to heed as well."

I often think of this when friends are talking about other friends. What are they saying about me when I'm not around?

Rocketstar said...

I promise to never inform the CIA of your where abouts again, sorry man.