Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Progressive vs.. Blasphemy

I have been soliciting several publishers of religious publication to engage in a discussion that I feel is of great importance for our culture. It is the surrounding the debate that seems to be lacking in our country around religion. From my point of view I think there is a general apathy in our country around an issue that effects the very quality of our lives and how we are going to advance in the future.

The problem I have come to suspect comes into the divide between the progressive ability to question ones beliefs and the line people think that questioning becomes blasphemy. As an atheist I don't actually have a problem being blasphemous it does not even occur to me but I am beginning to see that I need to find that line in order to me able to meet with and debate the issues.
Where does this line exist?
Why does it exist?
What are the ramifications of crossing it?
Not crossing it?
Is this not the problem?

I think another thing that stalls this debate is passivity that most god fearing people have been indoctrinated in. Ministry these days tends to consist of listening to a person talk to you rather then a discussion that allows issues to be more explored in depth. I have yet to be in a church yet and see a parishioner stand up or raise a hand in question of what is being said. It is assumed true and the right to question is is assumed to be wrong. It is an assumption I would like to turn on its head so to speak.
On the flip side most athesist don't partake in the discusion seeing it as a waste of time talking about a bunch of superstiious non-sense.

Just some random thoughts I was wondering if anyone had some input on?
I understand that most religious publication would not want to put anything I write in print, but then where do we go to have this discussion? Have it respectfully?

Any comments?

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Rocketstar said...

How was Cancun dude?

The line should not exist in my opinion. It should not exist just as it does not exist for discussing any other issue that is debatable, global warming, the big bang, other life in the universe, ESP, existence of intuition, the Lach Ness monster etc...

The issue is that political correctness has always and still does encompass religious beliefs. It is politically incorrect to question ones religious beliefs. Why, it should not be.

What if I told you that I believed that there was a giant pink elephant orbiting the earth that created the universe. You can not disprove that claim, but it would be a rational action to question it and ask for empirical evidence to such a claim.

Any and every thought or belief should be held up to the same critical eye of empirical evidence before it is held as truth.

Religious people have no issue today debating the existence of Zeus, Archimedes, Oedipus etc... Why should Jesus be any different?

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