Friday, February 16, 2007

Why Does Evil Exsit?

Why Does Evil Exsit?

Here is a comment I left on the Prodical Son Website that I really liked...

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I propose the following only for discussion sake I mean no offence to anyone and my intent is nothing less then healthy discussion with that being said I respectfully put forth the following..

I think a more fulfilling question to ask here in this context is why would God create anything at all? A perfect being has no need for disequilibrium. There is nothing needed, nothing desired as nothing is missing. A perfect God does nothing except exist. If there is desire to do something, even good, that means the presence and knowledge of evil already exists. If there was nothing but God in the beginning and God created everything that would lead us to believe that God has inherent evil within him already and is not in fact perfect. The very act of creation shows that a perfect God is an impossibility. It is put forth here that God created evil to give us freewill. Free will being the decision to choice between multiple things does not need evil to exist. We could have been created in a world of free will where our decisions are to choice between several positive options that would lead to varying degrees of happiness without the negative integers of evil.


Rocketstar said...

Brian, nice post

"...why would God create anything at all? "

---- That is the question right, IF God does exist, what is the purpose of the Universe? Is it just God's "TV"?

" ...that God has inherent evil within him already and is not in fact perfect."
--- I think that the Christian arguement is that it is man that created evil, but as you say, if God created everything, that Evil had to also be part of it.

Free Will, I did a post on this and a Perfect OmniPotent God can not exist if we have free will, either we have free will and God is not Omnipotent, or the reverse but both can not be true.

Thomas said...

The possibilities really are endless. If you assume that God created us, then who created God? Some might say, well, God has always been, but then isn't it possible that we (as souls) have always been as well? In that case, we'd be God's equal.

I personally think that we all existed before we incarnated into the bodies we presently have and that we agreed not to remember this while in the body so as not to distract us from paying attention to the physical world and living, at least temporarily, in a world where evil seems real.

Dem Soldier said...

I don't believe in freewill...I think the routes we take were made before we were born. The rest are all due to experiences. And I do think, evil is given 2 much credit.

Megsta said...

evil backwards is live... hehehe!

we give too much thought to all this mumbo jumbo really I think - thought creates, and the simple fact that we are all constantly thinking diffent opinions and configuring our own ideas and assumptions only proves that it is all truth... we are all scientists in this lovely little world of ours and if given proper time and tools we could all prove our beleifs to be truth - all we really need is one other person to agree slightly - and become our robotic follower? thought is truth - no matter how crazed or mumbled it is, when it forms in our brain it becomes real and realness is truth right?
if only it were really as easy as simply existing as you say a perfect god would do... what paradise to just BE? I think it's possible - and I beleive we all hold that secret in our hearts.... however deep down and undiscovered it may be

Rocketstar said...


I really like the way you think, you are kind of the non mitant Rocketstar, no offense of course ;o)


"I think the routes we take were made before we were born."

-- you don't really think that do you? So why do you make any decisions, why think about anything? This is the exact same thinking that leads religious wackos to not seek medical attention for thier sickj kids, because God already has a plan for us, he will save her if that is her destiny.

Megan said...

hmmm looks like rocket has nothing to say about what I had to say.. hehe
after more thought I've decided that it's the VS. that gets inbetween the good and the evil - literally If it weren't for the vs. good and evil could just be what they are without all the drama... somehow when there's a vs. there's the idea that one must triumph over another?

Rocketstar said...

megsta, no offense intended ;o)

"thought is truth - no matter how crazed or mumbled it is, when it forms in our brain it becomes real and realness is truth right?"

_- I would disagree, just because you have a thought does not make it "truth". It my be the truth in your head, but not empirical truth.

Megsta said...

none taken rocket... just that you usually have interesting input and I was feeling a bit neglected - haha!
and aren't thoughts usually derived from experience or experiment? I suppose it's tru that random thought bubbles to appear in the brain from time to time.. but I think that most of them are related to some sort of life experience?