Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend ReCap


Finished up an exhausting week of work and running on about a cumulative 6 hours of sleep for the week left work with a tired feeling in my whole body that can only be solved one

- Rented a Tux and took off to the Hilton for an Award show put on my Sexy in Minneapolis.

- Grubbed on some of the best food I have had in a long time.

- Partied and danced

- A-Bar in our room

- Blackout....beautiful blackout


- Denny's for breakfast

- Returned the tux

- Went to Tailgate @ had some chicken wings while watching the Gophers self destruct on TV

- Went home and Watched The Invention of Lying and I thought it was a great movie at least in concept all of the supporting actors seemed a bit off but other then that it was great.

- Finished the last 100 pages of Malcolm Gladwell's What the Dog Saw and even though I don't always agree with his take on items I immensely enjoy how he gets me to look at events from different points of view.

- Napped

- Went shopping for food so the last can of soup and half a box of pasta that were left in the cupboard would not be lonely

-Cooked up a huge batch of Vegtable stir fry

- Watched the Hurt Locker and man that was a great movie.


- Worked in the morning.

- Got ready for the Vikings game

- Watched the Vikings game.

- Off to bed to finally get some sleep before hell week part two starts again.

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MaryBeth Hughes said...

invention of lying and hurt locker are on our list to see. can't wait!