Thursday, January 14, 2010

With a Cherry on Top

Random babble

I know how this story ends but I am not going to tell.

Everybody always want to know the reason, the explanation. That way they can rationalize it. Put it in a box. Segment it out. Compare and contrast. Place it in a forced ranking....but this is not that kind of ending.

It never was.

It will end as random as it began.

Meaning and truth are two different spectrum's.

Window shopping

Once I was walking down the red light district.

Looking into the plate glass windows at the prostitutes selling there window display wares for unseen masters.

Cages made of concrete and glass that they are supposedly free to leave at any time but we all know they can't leave, not really.

If I told you that this observation was made walking through a wealthy neighborhood that was a glow in red Christmas lights was it all a lie? Was the meaning out of focus?


Travis Erwin said...

Nope same meaning I'm thinking.

Jenn'fer said...

Love it.