Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Makeshift Memorial Spots

On my dog walking rounds there is this tree, sadly it was the last thing that three young people saw before their lives ended in a car crash at its base. This incident happened quite some time ago but several times through-out the year the tree will get decorated with signs like, “Happy Birthday, We miss you” or gifts left at its base or the occasional candle.

I know we do this because death is such a defining event and it is very specific. I just think it pays homage to all of the wrong things. I started to wonder why don’t we honor someone life after their death by celebrating their life rather then the termination of it?

Why don’t we put flowers and signs at the place their life began?

Promise me no matter how it ends from me there will be no marker for that event, no make shift memorial. That place is insignificant it does not matte,r the times had together are what counts. Now I am off cause I am starting to even depress myself.. Cheers

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Mich said...

this post means a lot to me. my sister was killed in a car accident, its been 6 years and i have not and will not go visit the accident site even though my family goes there most holidays.

to me its not anywhere that she LIVED. if i need to feel close to her i will look at pictures or spend some time in her room. places where she was full of life. some ditch on the side of a highway has no significance.