Monday, October 25, 2010

Perpetual Motion or Indecision Machine

If you drop a cat it will land on its feet. If you drop a piece of buttered toast it will land buttered side down. If you tie the toast to the cats back and drop it will spin in place forever without hitting the ground. (I think GM is currently exploring this option for its new line of green engines)

Sometimes you come across this dilemma in business situations where you have two forces of nature that are working to repel each other. In some companies this can be the sales division verse the risk division or the marketing division vs the IS department with each side only converging or seeing their given point of view. I find it troubling (although lucrative) that there is so few people who are really good generalists when it comes to business.

Every once in a while I am amazed that someone actually pays me to understand both sides of a business decision and help facilitate the outcome or as I have come to calling it cutting the toast. Not to be confused with cutting the wind which coincidentally is also something analysts are pretty good at.

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