Thursday, November 11, 2010


Interesting future study on the correlation between the BMI of the HR Department and a companies internal ethics.

I am starting to advance the theory that the heavier the combined weight of the HR department is the less transparent or ethical the company they represent is.

The logic to this is that while people eat and are overweight for a lot of reasons there are a few general patters such as consuming food during periods of nervousness, loneliness, self esteem struggles, anxiety or even if you believe Dr. Phil to build a physical barrier between you and the world around you.

(While I know that there are other factors to be considered such as genetics or the fallibility to hire people who are similar to each other I think it would be worth a look.)

Now this could be said about any team but it would use the HR team as a leading indicator since the HR center of any organization tends to be the hub and black hole of a company’s secrets.

Interesting follow-up studies would be seeing other unhealthy habits and the correlations like rate of smoking, gambling, promiscuity etc.

I know I might have a problem with causality since it would be hard to determine which factor caused the other but I am not interested in the causality just to test if there is a statistical link between the two.

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