Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You’re fired

Fire the coach, fire the athletic director, fire the CEO it seems like every time there is a problem or a game loss, bad season, disappointing quarter the first thing everybody starts screaming is fire the person in charge.

Couple things to consider.

1.) The crown of leadership is heavy don’t knock it until you have felt its weight on your shoulders.

2.) If the leader sees a problem and that problem is your lazy a$$ and he fires you, your responsibility chucking self would cry all the way to a lawyers office to sue.

3.) It takes time for people to develop – a bad season or a bad quarter sometimes is necessary to see where your underlying faults and areas of improvements are.

4.) People often learn more from their mistakes then their successes.

5.) Mistakes or poor results can be great place for coaching and yes even coaches get coaching on how to improve.

I am all for holding people accountable for results but there needs a be a little bit of latitude, I am not going to put my dog down for chewing a hole in the couch. I am not going to fire a team member for making a poor estimate, or fault a coach for a bad play call. Sometimes you have to take a shot and reward people for taking the shot even if they miss, otherwise you build a culture where no one wants to take a shot and no wants to lead or try new things everyone just wants to sit and complain.

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Bill From Gainesville said...

All for allowing people to "learn" as they go. Also for people to make mistakes, but after a certain period of time and the same mistakes are made over and over... well then responsibility has to be taken Addazio still runs 165 pound running backs into the middle of the line...still thinks he has TEBOW at QB ... Dude needs firing (addazio is the OC of the College Football team I follow) -- Also -- did not know you opened your blog back up... I always enjoyed reading your stuff...