Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Lessons for Kids

Heard a story last night from the entrepreneur Richard Bronson of Virgin fortune and fame.

He traces the beginning of all of his success back to an incident that happened when he was six years old. He was on a trip to his grandma’s house with his mother and she stopped six blocks away and pulled over. She told him to get out of the car and that his task was to find his grandma house by himself. She wasn’t doing it in a mean way she was doing it in a liberating way of allowing him the chance to figure out the solution to the problem on his own. He had to find his own path. I don’t know why I love that story so much or if I would ever have the balls to do it but what a great lesson.

Another Lesson I just love is from Rocketstar

“No toys in the car or brought into restaurants because kids need to learn how to occupy themselves without toys as a vital skill in life.” I love it. I watch this commercial where this swarmy kind in a Toyota Highlander pulls alongside other kids who are stuck in cars with singing parent or other events and he turns away from his headrest mounted video games to give a look of utter disgust to the less fortunate kids.

I wonder where that swarmy little attention deficit kid will be in twenty years. I wonder if he will have any friends or non-superficial relationships. I wonder why this is a swarmy little bastard is an ideal that we try to live up to.

I wonder what the world will look like when we look up from our little devices 20 years from now and see all these swarmy people incapable of finding their own way or entertaining themselves.

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Rocketstar said...

Technology surely is changing us, sometimes for the worse.