Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Receiving Line Reinvented – New App Idea

Although I inevitably will end up doing this I wonder if the traditional receiving line could not be done a little better.

Combine elements of the DMV with the Wedding Party.

As people arrive at a wedding they would pull a number. There would be a sign that would flash now meeting with . This would have several advantages…

1.) Your guests could check out the bar have some appetizers ect instead of waiting in a big ass line.
2.) You could meet with everybody who wanted to meet with you…if they didn’t they don’t have to take a number.
3.) You could devote a little more time to people since you could control the pace.
4.) If you needed to go pee you could build in breaks.

The reason this would work for everybody is unlike the DMV there is other stuff to do at a wedding than wait.

To take this a step further you could design an app that could integrate with FourSquare, Facebook, Arrived etc when you check in at an Event it would assign you a number in the queue, give you an approximate wait time and then page you or text you when it was almost your turn to meet with the Bride and Groom. It could then expose the Wall, Tweets, Guestbooks etc of the couple and allow for comments etc…

Just an idea cause waiting in line for 45 minutes to shake hands and say congratulations sucks for everybody.

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Rocketstar said...

Dude, You know I am the Dream Killer but I LOVE this idea. I have an idea for those that done have a smart phone to get a number, I'll email you.

Seriously, great idea.