Friday, July 08, 2011

Arab Spring

Get into an interesting discussion about this yesterday. My premise was that the so called Arab winter has been going on for thousands of years how can the spring be expected to bring vitality to the land in a matter of weeks. A co-worker from Egypt looked at me and said you won’t believe how fast things thaw when there is enough heat. Alluding to the heat of desert and the passions involved in bringing change to that part of the world.

Impressed be the notion and what can I say I am a sucker for creative word play I thought about the assumption that duration of solving the problem has to have any relation to the duration of creating the problem.

Really there is no correlation.

The amount of time a problem takes depends on the acknowledgement of the problem and the evaluation and unraveling of the assumptions the problem and the solution. So the swiftness of the solution is dependent upon the individuals involved in making the decisions and their ability to logically and rationally challenge assumptions.

Which brings me back to my original time

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