Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Things Equal

“He has really done well for himself at such a young age, masters from XXX and now a job at XXX, making XXX”

“That is great a master in mathematics of finance from XXX that is pretty impressive, have you done the calculation on the cost of your student loan yet..lol “ (I had just done mine so it was a legit question but it involved the subject)

“My parents were able to pay for it”

“Oh?..that’s great. Still it is a hard school to get into you should be proud”

“Well I am a legacy both my parents went there”

So are you a success or is this your parent success story? I guess success is being able to take opportunities as they come and capitalize on them but part of me loathes the arrogance of people who fail to realize that if all things were equal they would not be as successful as they think they are.

It is also a demonstration that the biggest advantage you can give your kids in life is a quality college education.

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