Monday, October 10, 2011

Brilliant\Horrific Circular Logic

People will ridicule your believes and persecute you. In every major religion there is some variation of this theme. The propagator of the religion instructs the followers that some outside evil force will judge them and mock their belief and there is usually some reward for holding fast against these evil forces.

This horrifying circular logic is brilliant in most regards. For example the propagator states that you need to wear a sheet on your head if you don’t there will be some repercussion or withholding of reward.

Now if someone criticizes the sheet on their head instead of causing that person to examine that belief it reinforces the superstition. It becomes a self fulfilled prophesy. It actually gives the participant a greater sense of purpose. (They told me this would happen….no shit you are wearing a sheet on your head) Unfortunately for people caught in the circular reference questioning the reference is not something they are either unequipped to check or too afraid to check. It becomes some perverse sense of honor that sends chills down my back.

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Rocketstar said...

That's where science and the scientific method come in brotha, unstoppable.