Friday, November 11, 2005

Another silly superstition - Marriage

Can this really be happening here? Feeling as if I went to sleep and woke up in Mississippi as I am watching the news and hearing my fellow citizens argue about who has the right to be married. ( First off, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to get married in the first place. What needs to take place is not an amendment to allow everybody to get married and submit to a religious suppositious dogma but to shift an entire paradigm of how we look at and value the function of marriage or partnerships of people((POP)- instead of husband and wives we will say are you popped instead of are you married- thats my poppie stuff like that) . As long as we hold the conversation on the grounds of who has the right to get married, we are surrendering our rights and liberties as free persons to the church. Marriage as I see it provides a few benefits that could be taken of a number of different ways minus the religious dogma and control. Marriage in its boiled down sense provides two things security and monopolization of breeding rights. Breeding rights is the easy part of this since this is not 1625 for$200 we can have a DNA test to determine paternity so the idea and concept of declaring breeding rights over an individual via a religious ceremony seems somewhat antiquated. We could provide a contract that says if you produce a child into this partnership that is not mine or has not been prior agreed to in writing by me you are waiving all rights of ownership in our shared properties and there proceeds. (<- will be returning to this section in a future blog since the subject of technology influencing sexual selection is so fascinating to me) Therefore, the real issue then is the security piece and for this exploration, I will be focusing on the financial impacts rather than the emotional security provided by a partner since you we should not attempt to legislate the emotions of people. First off, let me say that any two people who wish to enter into a contract to be partners should be allowed to do so. They should be allowed to grant benefits to each other through their employer if their employer has them available. There is no evidence that says this will lead to abuse, people are selfish in nature and since this equals a deduction from my paycheck, I am not going to just pass it out to everybody. If you doubt this look at the charitable organizations who accept donations to help pay for pre- condition medical expenses their intakes are very small and if it is post condition care for example a cancer center ect. Your insurance premium for pre-diagnosed conditions known prior to the issuance of insurance should then lead you to pay a higher premium hence raising the deduction from my pocket giving me more incentive to scrutinize the relative worth of my partner. Property ownership and survivor rights? Really, who is the church or the government to direct who gets my estate that is earned and taxed in my lifetime? Should I want to leave this to my child, my wife or my gay lover I should be able to designated that and pass that trust on with little or no interference in the form of taxes and bureaucracy. I should be able to designate any person I choice to have power of attorney and the ability to make decisions on my behalf of me. I mean come on we should at least give human being the same rights and protections we offer businesses.
After all, research points to homosexuality as being a genetic condition no different from that any other. Would place height restrictions on who can get married or eye color restrictions...of course not..... so what are we auguring about then?


Rocketstar said...

Great second post man. You know I am with you all of the way. One small clarification, homosexuals CAN pass on property right now via a will, marriage is not necessary for that.

It all boils down to religion with marriage, it is total b.s.

If the government is going to allow a "test" based on sex, race, religion etc..., then they need to remove the state recognized license from the equation; otherwise it is pure unadulterated discrimination.

As the Declaration of Independence states, "All men are created equal..." right?

Brian in Mpls said...

This is why I love rockstar...