Monday, November 07, 2005

Pervert or Liar?

“Why is it when you meet a pretty girl you have to act like you don’t want to make love to her?” Paraphrased Line delivered by Cary Grant in North by Northwest

Watched a little Hitchcock last night and pondered this line by Cary Grant. (I apologized to the purist if I have it misquoted above)
At the risk of over simplifying this would leave one to believe despite the overwhelming inclination for honesty to be the number one sought after trait listed on personals that a liar is favored over a pervert. Now this could be a case of lesser of two evils, could be a faulty base assumption on my part that all men are perverts. (which I stand behind and use of the term insomuch as it refers to the fact that men do want to sleep with every women they meet even if they do not act on these impulses) The term I think women are looking for more than honesty is restraint or at least the ability to be discrete in other words some form or standard of self-control. These standards of self-control are the defining measures of how mature we are or at least I believe this would be a theory worth exploring further. Nevertheless, is a life of self –control more fulfilling than a life of self-indulgence? Aristotle had it closest when he stated that virtue is the mean between two extremes, but in any case, I would rather error in this dilemma slightly on the side of the self-indulgent pervert. This being honest with myself and my partner about my needs which in order to fulfill in our closed puritan society I have to become a liar….go figure. Therefore, I keep on pretending that I do not want to sleep with women in order to get more opportunities to do so.

Does this seem absurd?

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dawnmarie said...

It doesn't seem absurd. It seems somewhat shallow and self-serving, but honesty is rarely absurd.