Monday, November 28, 2005


Going to a strip club is like going to a dinner and paying to watch some else eat. Why do we do this and even more why do we enjoy it? Don't get me wrong I am always happy as umm a clam when ever I have a drink, regardless of what is going on in front of me. However, why not just pay to have sex? Is this less guilt? I go to the doctor when I have a headache... Dentist when I have a toothache, masseuse when I am stressed out. Why not a prostitute when I am feeling randy? I have heard the argument that you go to professional for items no other can do for you, making sex an ill argument because it is something your partner can do for you. (However, even if they can it does not mean that they do) Besides, does having sex with other women mean that I do not love my partner? I am not committed to long-term goals and vision? I am some how less than the perfect mark of a man because I enjoy sex more than my partner does?

Some random quotes on the subject for whom the sources may be lost to time…

“A marriage is a burden at times best carried by three”

“When I said “I do” I was having sex 5 times a week

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dawnmarie said...

Sometimes, you surprise me with what goes on in your head. I have no idea why people enjoy watching strippers. I don't, and not many of my women friends do.

I guess paying for sex is looked down upon, because yes, your partner can do it for you, and even if they don't, sex is not a right, you don't have the right to sex, and you don't need sex in order to survive. (all silly disagreements aside) You have a need for health care. That is why you visit a doctor. If you are unhealthy, it can damage the quality of your life, and your ability to sustain your life. Not getting laid on a regular basis, might make you a bit crabby, but will not impede your ablity to sustain your life.