Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rest of my political docet....

Besides education here is some other stuff I would do....

2.) Increase Public Transportation and infrastructure

3.) City Wide Wi-Fi

4.) Allow Gay Marriage

5.) Collapse 1st Ring Suburbs into Minneapolis eliminating duplicate governments and services

6.) Get the fuck out of Iraq - We need to give that country time to raise another Warlord strong enough to hold it together

7.) Remove the interest tax credit on Home Mortgages

8.) Tax Plan - Increase gas, cigarette, new licence fees for smoking establishments

9.) Decriminalize personal drug use tax the sale of marijuana

10.) Assisted Suicide bonus for early departure


Brian in Mpls said...

I almost forget switch to the metric system

Megsta said...

so when are you going to run for office?

Rocketstar said...

Public transport - It is a great idea, but not practical unless we chnage how our society "works". We don't have enought ime as it is, this would decrease that already little tiem we all have. I could take the bus to work everyday, but it would take me over an hour and I would have to get up way too early.

Wi-fi - I don't know if I want the gov. to be my info provider.

Gay marriage - a no brainer, those damn religious fanatics.

Iraq- Maybe the BIGGEST blunder of our gov. in 40 years, easy. It has made us LESS safe and made the middle east LESS stable. I think Nostrodamus was just a few years off, We are doomed.

% on home mtg.'s - Keep it, homeowners pump the economy, don't take away an incentive to own (not that their aren't others).

decriminalize mary jane - another no brainer. Stop wasting our money putting folks in jail for what is less potent and dangerous than alcohol.

Bring on the euthenasia clinics - assisted suicide should be the norm.

metric system is the way to go.

I will vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Take away the interest deductions from home mortgages? When you file your taxes, do you leave it off to prove a point?

Brian in Mpls said...

The reason that I don't like the mortgage interest rebate is it is really a subsidies that benefits the rich and allows the expansion of the suburbs and McMansions... I don't really think this is the best place to spend our tax money

M - I think I am going to do a write in blitz next election

Matthew Anderson said...

I can't vote, but I would definitely spread the word.

Anonymous said...

you avoided the question.

Brian in Mpls said...

No I don't leave it off