Friday, December 29, 2006

Goals for 2007

1.) Don't kill myself

2.) Don't kill anybody else

3.) Quit being a lard ass and get to the gym

4.) Quit smoking

5.) Get out from under this financial nightmare that is my life

Not going to be an easy year but I hope for the sake of everybody who walks past a clock tower this year that I can do it.

Here is too a fresh start in 2007...Happy New Year


Rocketstar said...

Happy New Year man!

1) Lofty goal here, I can help with that.
2) By far more important than number 1.
3) It is a lot simpler, not easuier to just NOT eat as much.
4) You have to do it, horrible way to die.
5) POWERBALL, $1 a week to dream man...

Say Rah! said...

brian, i applaud your efforts. i'm not normally one for lofty resolutions, but i have some heavier than usual goals myself as well. best of luck to you!

Dem Soldier said...

Yep best of luck.

theresa said...

1. please don't. I'd miss you.
2. please don't. I like me.
3. I'll go to the gym with you. I'm horribly out of shape.
4. I'll be here for you if you need someone to talk to. I think it would be super if you could make this work. your stock price would go up. [wink]
5. It'll happen. just be smart. cash is the way to go.

happy new year. I [heart] you. I can't wait until we go out for a drink.

Happy new year,
Love T

Renata said...

4.) Quit Smoking - just thought I'd remind you on this goal of yours!!!

We are half way through the year. Are you half way through your goals. Oh and the contest, I already won baby;)