Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year Cub Foods.....

Two more resolutions....

1.) No Shopping @ Kowalski's anymore (They messed with Taco Tuesdays by no longer stocking the Taco kits so you have to buy the seasoning and the sauce separate I was fine with being over charged and kind of pretended I didn't notice, but this was the last straw.....sorry your store is not that much "nicer" and I am not that pretensions so Happy New Year Cub Foods I am coming back)

2.) Drinking Changes -
No more shots* ( *Now I will still do a celebratory shot with people on special occasions, but gone is the 10 shot night just because it is Friday, one it is expensive, two it adds up to a lot of excess calories that are collecting around my mid-section, three I am too old to be falling down drunk)
Water in between every round* (seriously it is not that I want to stop drinking, just that I need to do it less, for my liver and for my potbelly)


Megsta said...

HAHA - good luck with that B... it's fun to fall down drunk, as long as your friends don't puke on ya when yr down.. hehehe!!! (this rule starts AFTER I get to take you out for your birthday by the way - or at least you better make an exception for that nite)

Say Rah! said...

brian - it was me who texted you. actually, i think i called you too. i was drunk sarah on sunday. happy b-day and happy new year. good luck with the changes.

Rocketstar said...

1) It's all the same shit, pretty much, why pay more.

2) You shoul dget on the wagon with me, it ends on the Super Bowl. It will taste sooo good.

Happy Birthday OLD MAN!

Brian in Mpls said...

Say Rah Test me again I think I deleted your number.

Megsta - let me know when;)

Thanks Rocket