Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Story?

For most people it is wrtten by others.

Their feelings spelled out songs they relate too.

In mass produced greetings cards.

In parrot like quatation of others.

In the books that line the shelves.

We make heros out of DJ's who blend the anthems of our lifes in to party mixes.

But what is our story.

What is my story?

Where are my words?

My song.

Cheers to the creators of the words and those amoung us who know how to write our own scripts.


Narkissos said...

my story is my life embellished by my own words, joy and despair...and i am the only reader.........:)

Kristi said...

I feel like bits and pieces of my story are written in a multitude of songs....and poems....and movie scripts....and my scrapbook albums of course! LOL. Nice post!

Ma said...

if this was Facebook I would "like" this ;)

Jenn'fer said...

Nice - My perspective is that the human condition requires us to have 95% in common with other members of our species - that is the refrain of the song. The real story of your life is the 5% unique to just you, Biz... You do a fabulous job of pulling those pieces out of everyday life and share them with those around you!

difference said...

quatation? maybe you mean "quotation".