Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solving for X

In a galaxy long ago sat a little boy who relied on his intuition for decision making.
He wanted to know the formula for understanding life.
It's secrets
He wanted to know how the world worked and why.
So he went to school
He studied literature
He earned an impressive list of degrees and distinctions

He battled belief
He fought blind faith.

He looked for his formula

One night as he sat in his Quantum Analysis MBA Class completing a Hypothesis test he realized that in some respects he had returned to that place he began from.

He was that little boy filled with wonder at the world, hungry to know its secrets except this time he knew with certainty that nothing is known with absolute certainly

As he ran his model and stared at the P Value it returned he looked at it and smiled.

It sat there, an absolute value.

He found a formula

He tested a hypothesis.

The answer in front of him was wrong and he knew it with absolute certainty

He knew he would never know and it was the most enlighten moment of his 12 years of formal education.

What he has learned is far more important then any formula

He learned how to learn.

He learned the nature of X


Ma said...

the nature of x... you mean like XXX?

Anonymous said...

You were smoking some weed when you wrote this, weren't you?

Jenn'fer said...

very nice Biz.... very nice.