Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend ReCap


Sweeny's in St. Paul for a little good time pre engagement party. Although I felt a little hustled in the end. If you ask your bartender if they have Redbull and they say they have redbull you should not get mad croc. If I ask for something by name and it is a premium you should get it or get told your other options. Just saying.

In bed @ 10:00 :)


Worked most of the day.

Went down to Harry's

Then to the Depot Bar Where I got to say Hello to Norm Coleman who was there for a wedding it was pretty cool despite playing for the other team he was a super nice guy.

Then to a special couples engagement party and had a blast. Pictures will be up soon and Congratulations the food and company was awesome.

Took the day off

Watched Couples Retreat - It was ok

Watched Zombieland and it was awesome probably has won a place in my top ten favorite movies. Loved it.

Cooked some Steaks for dinner and probably polished off about 5 bottle of wine.

Perfectly relaxing day exactly what the doctor ordered.


Rocketstar said...

Was that your engagement party?

Brian in Mpls said...

No it was for some friends:)