Monday, March 29, 2010


Kind of a fitting word for the on going theme as of late.

In a nut shell here are the high points. My company is dissolving its presents in the Midwest and I have been offered an opportunity to move to the east coast to continue with the company.

Currently this opportunity is being mulled over.

As a good planner I am beginning to activate plan B which is look else where here in the Twin Cities for a new career.

This process is going to put me at direct odds with this blog since I actually would like to give myself a shot at gainful

With this said this blog will be going private beginning this Friday as my search for the new funding source of Brian Inc. goes into high gear.

What else is new?

Loving: Phoenix - Liztomania (I am not sure there is a catchier song out right now)

Loved: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

Loved: Up in the Air for some reason this movie hit home with the last few months.

Yawn: New Moon - Yeah I know

Ok: The Informant - Ok yes I can see the relation to me and stay tuned for a post on this under my new private label.

Ok: My Best Friends Girl - Some classic dialog in this movie between Alec Baldwin and Dane Cook was pretty good for this Genre that I tend to stay the hell out of.

Well that is it in a nut shell. I would like to employ some of you talented Googlers over the next week to help me find out where my Cyber risks are for potential new recruiters.

PS Know of any potential leads here in the Twin Cities give me a shout


PurestGreen said...

Wow - big changes afoot. Thinking outside the box is one of your many talents and I have no doubt you will succeed. :)

MaryBeth Hughes said...

can't wait to hear more about all of this!

Mags said...

Oh! Do you know where on this coast yet??

Brian in Mpls said...

It would be to Philly.