Tuesday, March 09, 2010

God's Country

Where exactly is Gods country? What is the definition? Where is it not? Is he not omnipresent? I heard this over the weekend while overlooking a farm and I wondered if the person had any idea that farms bastardize the land just like buildings do?


Rocketstar said...

You shoudl have have told them, "Pssss, come here, I'll tell you a secret." Lean into their ear and say, "Uh, God doesn't exist, sorry."

Bill From Gainesville said...

I dont know about Rocketstar's advice --- Pointing that out to someone that believes in God is just an exercise in futility. They believe in god and I have found no matter what your argument is you cannot prove a negative to someone that does not want to accept rationality and only goes back to "faith"

Rocketstar said...

Bill, I agree, it was more tongue in cheek.