Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Loaded

I was watching a Citizens watch commercial yesterday and I was in awe by it. You know the one where Eli Manning says nothing stops his Citizen watch.

Never needs a battery.

Never needs a wind.

Works off of the kinetic energy in the movement of the arm.

Perpetual motion.

As the Arm moves it stores energy in a series of springs that in turn turn gears and power the hands forward with exact precision.

Why couldn't a similar concept work with a car engine? As the wheels turn it stores energy in a spring that in turn releases energy and spins the wheels?


Jenn'fer said...

I'm channeling Dr Science today:

Mitochondria in the cells of body act as the little engines that can.... and transfer the kinetic energy from cells to the muscle and skeletal structure which creates surplus energy that the watch consumes.

The internal combustion engine of a car are the same as the mitochondria... you need it to create the energy to make the wheels roll. Then, the surplus energy is transferred back to the system via the alternator. It actually powers the parts of the car that use electricity. Kind of like a wind turbine. So, it's already as efficient at rerouting surplus energy as engineers can figure out.

It would be cool if you could reroute the energy remaining in the engine exhaust, but then again, that would be like getting additional energy from your farts and belches- both have toxic gases that I dont' think we want to deal with!

Ok, science geek rant over. Sorry.

Rocketstar said...

Kind of like how they alre4ady do this with brakes for city buses just expanded. Someone WILL figure this out.

Bill From Gainesville said...

This dude in an Escalade was playing his music so loud that i think it wasnt gas that was moving him along but the sound waves from his speaker just thumping him down the road.

BORGHY said...


Actually a turbo charger works off the exhaust. Basicly free horsepower!

Jenn'fer said...

Borghy - cool! I had no idea... I'm stuck back in the days of carbueretors...Pretty sad since my 2003 Saab has turbo.

But still, I don't like the idea of Brian's farts being rerouted to a turbo for him...

Anonymous said...

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