Friday, December 17, 2010


I think girls need to give guys a little break when it comes to flirting. I think by our nature everybody likes to feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex. It is self confidence inspiring. It makes you feel good and valid as a person.

I think for girls this attention is rather easy you can where a skirt and heals and you are going to get looks, double takes, stares and people asking if you come here often. All you had to do for this validation was make a small wardrobe consideration.

Guys on the other hand have to work for it. A tight pair of pants is probably going to have the opposite effect for the men that wear them then it does for the ladies who wear them. We have to work at it, small talk making an ass out of ourselves etc.

So ladies don’t yell at your man for a little harmless flirting if he could get a little validation just by wearing a different outfit he would rock it seven days a week you know like you do…

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