Thursday, December 09, 2010

Swift Exit

Sorry Taylor Swift you need to take a break. I am sick of you. All your songs sound the same. It is hard to take this innocent stuff seriously when you have been polishing more knobs then a maid at the Radisson. Take a couple years off. Make a sex tape, discover bourbons rightful place in country music’s history, learn a few different cords or just hide on the Disney channel where you belong. Give yourself time to develop as an artist and a woman and us a chance to rest our ears. I know this might be a little harsh but I don’t believe that marketing innocent BS anymore. I am now glad that Kayne interrupted your speech and feel bad he had to apologize. I was on your side at the time but this constant barrage of school girl, bubble gum, deer in the headlights stuff is too much.

1 comment:

Mich said...

hmm... i agree on most of those points. im getting pretty darn sick of her curly hair and odd looking face. But im still on her side with the whole Kanye fiasco. He was just out of line. BUT i despise Kanye.