Saturday, December 18, 2010

Having it Both Ways

Every once in a while my fair neighbors (Not my immediate neighbors since you guys are awesome) in Minneapolis make me want to puke. First the city caved to ease towing and ticketing of vehicles that failed to comply with the snow emergency. The day the snow emergency was declared the phones and papers were lit up with people saying it was impossible to move their cars and it is outrageous that the city would ticket and tow under these conditions. So the city relaxed the ticketing. Now my fair citizens are complaining that the streets are not plowed to an acceptable level. Well you can’t have it both ways. The cars have to be off the street to plow.

Few thoughts

1.) This is Minne fucking sota it snows. It slows a lot sometimes. Move your car.

2.) I realize that some people might not physically be able to do this or might be elderly or the car might be broken down and the people can’t afford to fix it etc. All of these are unfortunate situations. They should all be explained to the people who lost loved ones this week because emergency vehicles where not able to reach victims in time. I know it sucks having your car towed especially when you can financially not afford it but those few unmoved cars can put entire neighborhoods at risk.
3.) When you buy a house that has a fire hydrant in front of it…you know the big red thing that sticks out in the front yard? You are signing up to keep it clear of snow. You don’t want that job keep looking at houses.

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