Monday, January 17, 2011


For years every morning I would go 3 blocks out of my way on my way to work. I did this because I learned that taking a left turn on to this busy street was easier to do at a stop light where you could turn on yellow then waiting for 8 minutes for an opening to turn.

Then about 8 months ago the traffic patterns changed for the freeway entrance by my house. They closed an on ramp and traffic decreased immensely.
I know this change happened.
I have been told by loved ones that it is now safe to go back to the old route.
I know that the way I am going it now is the inefficient way and it takes longer.

I would like to think of myself as someone who constantly challenges assumptions I have, but I find myself still often taking the old route without thinking, or realizing that if I think about it in the morning it takes a lot of effort to change my habit and go the new route.

It is a small thing but I sit here and wonder what else am I doing that I am just doing because I have always done it? I think it is time for opposite day

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Bill From Gainesville said...

There are all kinds of ruts and sometimes we do different things then we normally do and those new things come back to slap us around. Not that taking the quicker way to work slaps you around or anything.