Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Some Lesser Known IT Books That Are Reshaping Business

1.) How to Talk for Hours and Say Nothing.

2.) Getting Bonuses for Promising Automation and Delivering Increased Manual Effort.

3.) Billing from Stall One: How to Drag Out Bathroom Breaks and Social Network for Your Next Gig from Stall One.

4.) Developers Will Never Say Your Suggestion Isn’t Feasible: How to Turn Their Fear of Looking Like an Idiot into Your Nest Egg.

5.) Blame Game: Process, People, Procurement – When you’re selling it’s the solution when it fails whichever one you’re not selling is the problem.

6.) How to Milk the Term Increased Data Quality for All It’s Not Worth

7.) Using PowerPoint for Instant Credibility: Regardless of Content

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