Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five Things I Love About a Minnesota Spring

1.)It is spring in Minnesota. It has this feeling like you survived some kind of natural disaster. Like you are walking out of this catastrophe and all of a sudden there is color and heat.

2.)Twins Games…OUTSIDE. P.S Anyone who doesn’t live or shop in Hennepin County but still enjoys seeing them play outside. No money is necessary but thank you’s are always appreciated as would be your vote on making a Vikings stadium partially funded by the State in a manner that is fair to all people in Minnesota.

3.) The return of the skirt

4.) Not having to carry a coat

5.) Opening day of the Patio and grill


Travis Erwin said...

The return of the skirt ... sounds like the name of a new reality show.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Ummmm, pretty sure its NOT spring in Minnesota just yet.
Although the post may just be looking forward to when it is.
Sure that Spring in Minnesota is excellent, because although I have never been to that state, I am also pretty sure winter up there sucks bags. The contrast probably really adds to the whole situation.