Friday, March 25, 2011

Be That Guy – Friday Update – Bud in Line

In an effort to save all of us from the over indulgence of worrying about everybody’s feelings all the time and testing the bounds of the long held assumption that nice guys finish last I am giving everybody permission to be an asshole, tool box douche once a week.

This weekend’s be that guy challenge - Bud in line!

You see a long line to get in the club or into the bathroom. That stuff doesn’t apply to you this weekend. Go about a quarter of the way back in the line and just get in. Look the person you are getting in line in front of dead in the face and then turn around. Pretend you are def you hear his hussy little girlfriend bitching under her breath about how rude it is….they are not going to do anything. You get in ahead of them and as a bonus you ruined their night be emasculating him and cause them to fight.

You are in a long line at the store and a new register opens run over to it …don’t fucking look around at who might have been there longer. If they wanted a faster checkout experience they would have beat you to the new register.

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Rocketstar said...

Disclaimer* - Make sure you have medical insurance, you never know.