Friday, April 01, 2011

Be That Guy – Friday Update – Short Change the Group

In an effort to save all of us from the over indulgence of worrying about everybody’s feelings all the time and testing the bounds of the long held assumption that nice guys finish last I am giving everybody permission to be an asshole, tool box douche once a week.

This weekend’s challenge - Short change the group.

We all have people like this we currently go out with you know the people they drink grey goose vodka redbulls and the filet and then suggest the bill be split and they still short change the table, but for some reason you keep going out with that person. Well now it is your turn.
Order whatever you want all night. Leave a $20.00 bill under your glass and walk out.
They will not make a big deal about it. If they do tell them they are stupid and don't know how to add....throw in they should stop being cheap and walk away.

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