Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Dragon

It has only been a short while but I can honestly say I loving my new E-Cig. It is all the good stuff without most of the bad stuff.

1.) I can still get a buzz off of it
2.) It still tastes and feels like you are smoking
3.) I don’t smell like crap
4.) I can still go out with the smokers and take a break and socialize
5.) I can breathe better
6.) I can smell better
7.) It saves me money
8.) I smoke a lot less
9.) You can use them inside some places
10.) My breath smells better
11.) I am saving even more money on gum
12.) I can whitten my teeth without them going back to yellow right away

The down side you still have to go outside other places
And it doesn’t work so good outside in the cold

Other then that I am thrilled and it looks like I will never smoke an analog cigarette again :)


Bill From Gainesville said...

I have a friend that also feels like it is a winning product. You and Her are the only people I know who have them yet and so far both of them seem positive. Just have to figure out who the manufacturer is soon and then due some due dilligence and consider buying stock in the company

Rocketstar said...

Who makes these things, the tobacco co.'s?