Friday, February 25, 2011

Fixing the Budget Bizzio Style

1.) Decriminalize marijuana federally by reclassifying its FDA status. This saves on multiple points you decrease the federal amount of money need to fight the so called war on drugs, you reduce the amount of federal money used to imprison Americans for no violent drug related offenses and you can tax the hell out of it for a revenue source. Estimate savings is probably close to $100 billion dollars.

2.) Legalize prostitution federally and locally. Same as above with the added benefit that you will likely reduce the health care costs inflicted by advanced cases of VD

3.) Legalize gambling.

4.) Increase cigarette and liquor taxes. $1.50 for smokes 5% for booze increased revenue will help head off medical expenses related to the true cost of smoking with the added benefit of fewer people smoking and getting serious health issues. (Saying this and I would get hit)

5.) Sell excess weapons to other countries to help fund national defense – Every 3 years hold a garage sale of weapons, planes, tanks etc to other countries – particularly third world countries. This has added benefits of raising revenue, reducing the number of wars we have to enter, stabilizing regions where we can sell products and services. We find ourselves having to fight every global conflict because we are one of the only countries that can. If there is more world superpowers there is more people who can help, the world becomes more stable. A more stable world = more stable markets.

6.) Repeal Bushes tax cuts

7.) Increase income tax by 0.5% yeah it sucks.

8.) Slash every federally funded budget across the board by 2% and freeze funding at those levels for 2 years.

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Rocketstar said...

I love it and you have my vote but I'd make one small change, cut defense budget by 33% and use those funds on jump starting eco energy solutions and manufacturing.

Give the troops first dibs at these jobs. Train and put them back to work doing something that betters this country.