Friday, September 23, 2011

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Updated :7/24/2020

Small City Ransacked by Rove of Hoarding Winnebago’s.

In a scene that has become more increasingly common a US city was sacked and looted to the ground by a Hoard of Unemployed Pirates driving modified campers and RV’s. 6 people were killed and 13 injured as they confronted the pirates who were taking gas, food and supplies and then disappearing back into the desert and mountain hide outs.
As of today President Reverend of the Resurrected Johnnie Flash of Texas has refrained from calling in troops to deal with the escalating security concerns in hopes that a divine sign will appear to tell him how to patriotically handle the situation.
The republican candidate stresses the root cause of the increasing lawlessness is the amount that we are taxing the rich.

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