Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic Number for Deleting People from Your Feed

How many times a day does it take for someone to post something before you block their feed?
(S / N) = D (IF D<=1 DELETE USER)
S = Stimulation = Average Number between 1-10 that I have assigned how much I enjoy the content they add to my feed. (Yes this is a subjective value, but necessary to prioritize my time and make sure I am reading content that I enjoy)
N = Number of Postings = Average Number of postings per day.
D = Deletion (Hide\ Block) Threshold

For example if someone posts an average of 5 on the stimulating category and posts five times to my social network feed 5/5 = 1 they are blocked from my news feed. The content posted has to be on average more stimulating then the number of postings.
If not you are blocked\hidden\deleted depending on the SMN (Social Media Network)

I smell Nobel Prize

"Update" The calculation is being modified to the following:

S+(A*B)/N = D

Where A = Attractiveness of the person and B = the perceived benefit of the relationship. (Think likely hood you will sleep with them or value their company or need them to bail you out of jail) I will set A as a value 1-10 and B as a value 1-5. This however makes it impossible to delete all but the worst offenders. Unfortunately it is necessary since this is the way things work in the real world.

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