Friday, September 02, 2011

Sacred Cow One - Benefits for Vetrans

Recently the president was in Minneapolis giving a speech on Veterans affairs at the American Legion. This brought up some interesting side conversation and left me with a trailing thought. As the crowd was applauding the following statement, “I will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans” I thought to myself well then on whose back are you going to balance it?

It leads through that the more groups you exclude from having the balance spread across the more the burden falls to the remaining.
I was having trouble following the train of thought of some of my friends who are of the mindset that, “I risked my life for this country so now you owe me what you promised me.”

While I think that promises made should be kept I recognize the enormity of the problem in front of us. A problem we are all going to have to balance across our backs.

I wonder if we are so patriotic, if we love this country so much we are willing to trade our lives for it, why are we not willing to give up some of the entitlements received so that it makes the country people fought for solvent into the future. I mean isn’t the definition of patriotism sacrificing self for the benefit of the greater good? Why does the offer physical suffering or possibility of death get traded so easily and yet we will fight tooth and nail over basis point funding on a VA pension?

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Rocketstar said...

How about off the backs of the top 5% of earners in this country for a start. They will surely not miss us taking a slice out of their millions and billions.